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Project by David Cardoso

Wellness Eco Centre

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Project by David Cardoso


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Our aim to create an Eco Camping and Glamping Lodge for people looking to unplug from the rat race and explore nature in a holistic way

So Firstly thank you for checking out my proposal its something that is very dear to my heart so hope you get excited about getting involved with our project.

My name is David I am a professional DJ and Event planner. Originally from South Africa, I have lived in the UK for the past 13 years pursuing my career entertainment industry. During this time I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in hosting and running small to medium scale Festivals and private events catering for up top 5000 people. 'this includes event infrastructure , Project planning , Mapping , Security Health and Safety systems as well as general event management.


Outside of my passion for music and events , I consider myself to be quite a spiritual person and love to connect with people and help others to form connections with each other ( Most probably what drove me to become a DJ in the first place). While a large part of my working life is spent in the hustle and bustle of the London nightlife, I have always been drawn to green open spaces so no surprise I settled in a tiny village in the beautiful Kent countryside. This allows me to unplug and detox from city life and centre myself on a regular basis. Unfortunately this is not the case for many. 

The more I became involved in the management and running of these events and more time has gone on, I have noticed that more and more people want to escape and get back to nature or connect with other like minded individuals but by far the biggest problem is finding dedicated spaces that will allow the congregation of people to explore the beauty of nature around us as well as music arts and discovering peace within one's self. And this is where this amazing idea and concept spawned from and continued to develop from there. 

I myself have trained in Martial Arts from the age of about 8 in various forms,  From Shotokan & Funakoshi Karate , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have also trained to become a Kung Fu Instructor. All of which help explore strengths within the body as well as in the mind. To find harmony and balance in one's self for mental health and well being. My wife is an Aerial fitness instructor and both of us share a passion for physical and mental health and wellbeing and our dream is to incorporate all of our passions into the wellness centre to share our with everyone around us.

During these last few years, In preparation for turning this dream into a reality,  I have amassed a large portion of the equipment needed to create this Dream, We have pretty much everything to get a working Infrastructure up and running in a matter of months! From glamping tents and supplies for creating an eco village on site for guests as well as all the necessary equipment to create musical events with Top of the line Sound and Lighting systems,  even down to massage tables as my wife and I have been trained in Full body massage and aroma therapies which will also become a part of services available at the Centre.


 While we have looked at various locations across the UK , there are a few factors which have made me look in outside the UK . Mainly Southern France , Spain and Portugal . After visiting several locations in these countries, Portugal ticks all the boxes in terms of what we are trying to achieve as well as finding the right kind of land for our needs. not to mention 


My goal has always been to get myself into a financial position to put enough money away to create this dream space for myself, my family and create a venue that will be in support of Arts Culture and personal development while working with nature. This plan was going swimmingly until we were hit with the C- word as a result we have spent a large portion of our savings to keep us afloat.

Now I am what you may call a self made man, I came to this country with 500 pound in my back pocket and over the last decade have built a very comfortable life for myself and my family. With everything that has happened, we have been able to keep the household running and still keep our project alive albeit on the back burner. 

Keeping abreast of available properties as well as general costs of everything to keep the our budget in line with real world costs . I had not intended to move this project forward at this time as I am very strict when it comes to Debt and if I can't pay for something or its not financially viable, I don't do it!  

Having said that, I have seen the value of Crowd funding first hand as it has helped many small budding companies and ideas find their feet in order to gain a following and grow year on year, so I became open to the idea of using a platform such as this to acquire the funding needed. What has pushed me over the edge an unbelievable  opportunity for land has presented itself in the heart of Portugal near the town 

of 1608305819_1608305814682.png Pedrógão Grande, Just South of Coimbra....

This beautiful area is steeped in hills and valleys with amazing water ways , perfect for exploring the outdoors on Bicycle, or hiking or boating or just to sit in the beauty of nature.

This ideal piece of land is just under 2 hecter (18 000msq) set in a mountainous area with is own natural spring , A River running through all year round.  This amazing piece of paradise has come on the market for such an insanely low price that I just could not let the opportunity pass me by without giving every avenue a try. 


Now the cost of the land including fees and licencing  will account for approximately £15 000 of the target budget of 35 000 that we are asking . The remaining £20 000 will be used for renovating the two ruins on site as well as land clearance for creating campsite, Setting up infrastructure for water and sanitation as well as basic electricity for the site. Finally the shipping of all the equipment over to the site from the UK.


Make no mistake this is not going to be a walk in the park and the reason the land is so incredibly cheap is due to the amount of work needed to get it into a workable state. Majority of this work will be undertaken by myself and my family so as to keep labour costs to a minimum. Fortunately I come from a family of builders and fabricators so creating plans getting this work done is not going to be an issue.


I am also in the fortunate position that I hold a Portuguese passport as well as already have an EU bank account meaning the purchase of the land should not be complicated and we would be able to begin work as soon as the land purchase is completed.

Short Term - 

The most important thing at this time is securing the land ! Once we have this we can begin the land clearance and creating a usable road using heavy machinery. , We would create an off grid glamping village to begin creating a revenue stream so as to get more money in for the development of the site.

Medium Term -

Once the glamping village is up and running we would shift our attention to the two Ruins on the site to create 2 separate Living ares. The first would serve as ''welcome lodge which would house the office etc. The second ruin situate near the river would be turned either into accommodation or most likely a recreation area for event use .

Long Term - 

Create additional campsites or zones so as to accommodate larger groups for specialist events .

I have also created youtube channel that will be dedicated to the progress and development of the site . 

If you decide to be part of this journey, You will be added to our mailing list for all events as well as receive exclusive offers before the general public. We keep you updated with the project as things begin to take shape and you will be there at the official launch party and celebrate with us.

This is an exciting opportunity and I hope you will join me for this amazing Journey!

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£100 - FUTURE....

Pledge £100 today and we'll reward you with a ticket to our first weekend event for a mini Welcome festival once our site is up and running. This will be a party not to be missed!!! PLEDGE NOW> CLAIM LATER

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With this voucher you can submit a list of up to 20 of your favourite songs and I will craft them into a professional continuous mix for your listening pleasure.

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Lifetime camping

You will be a gold member of our retreat meaning you can camp on site whenever you choose and can stay for a maximum of 4 weeks per year and join in with all wellness activities held in site free of charge as well as a bottle of Champagne on your arrival and 1 Wellness treatment per stay In effect you are getting your own timeshare in the heart of beautiful Portugal

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