Wellington Festival - Keep It Free

Wellington Festival - Keep It Free

Wellington Festival, a spectacular 3-week celebration of arts and culture, which takes place in the vibrant market of Wellington, Telford.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Twenty years ago Wellington Town Council formed a working group of literary-minded people who initiated the first week of literary events, headed by Simon Brett the crime writer. Guiding principles were agreed by the group which were as follows:

*   To promote a wide range of literature to all ages;

*   To encourage local budding authors/playwrights/poets by providing a platform for their work.

*   To be accessible for all.

*   To work in partnership with all sections of the community.

Wellington Town Council agreed to give administrative and financial support to ensure that all events should be FREE of charge unless organised by an outside body. After time, demand to extend the Festival grew culminating in the current format of three weeks of planned events throughout the month of October. In 2016, the Festival was re-branded, and extended, to increase the audience and to appeal to a more diverse range of people.

The Festival continues to be organised and run by volunteers from the community FOR the community.  Your support, and any donations, are greatly appreciated.