We'll Miss eU - The Free Cake Project

by Marwood Bar & Coffeehouse in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

We'll Miss eU - The Free Cake Project
We did it
On 3rd April 2017 we successfully raised £306 with 32 supporters in 28 days

The "We'll miss eU" project aims to give free slices of our freshly baked Marwood cakes to EU nationals and migrants from outside of the EU

by Marwood Bar & Coffeehouse in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We've set this ridiculous stretch target because in tough times, we all need some fun and we would just love to see our bakers face if we tell her that she has £25,000 worth of cake to make... 

She is pretty wonderful though, so she'd put us to shame and do a really great job, really fast... 

Ok before we get into the mechanics of this crowdfund let's get a couple of things nice and clear. Theresa-saurus Rex is showing strong signs of her trigger finger on Article 50. 

We may not like it, but it's looking more and more likely to happen. 

Like most of us living in Brighton and beyond, some of our friends, lovers, families and colleaguesinclude EU nationals and people from even further afield.

The goal for this initiative is to crowdfund 20 of Marwood's Life Changing Cakes to give away every day to anyone living in Brighton who may not have been born in the UK.

Why donate? Well apart from the good feeling that comes when gifting cake, we will also write your name on each cake so the good EU people of Brighton know who gifted them their free slice.

For every £2 you donate we will put your name (first name and initial) on a cake. Maximum 7 names per cake

Every £15 donation means you can gift an entire cake.  You can provide us with a 27 character messagealso if you wish. Great if you're a group of friends or Brighton business wanting to show support.

So what's the point of all this? This isn't meant to be some serious political statement, this is simply about addressing that fact that there maybe a number of people living in Brighton, who are feeling unsure if Brighton is still the right place for them. Heck even we don't know what's going to happen so it's perhaps understandable that this feeling might be there.

We're hoping to show solidarity and show through the small gesture of free cake, there's a lot of lovefor our EU and non-EU residents - if you weren't here in Brighton we'd really miss eU!

If we don't raise enough for this to happen, or if Article 50 isn't triggered (unlikely, but possibility) then every single penny/cent of donations will go to supporting the Right To Remain projects. 



So now to answer the predictable questions that will no doubt come up, please read the below;

1) The price of cake has been calculated to include 

  • all ingredients
  • It's a 12 slice life changing cake

2) Please don't start banging on about how Brexit is a disaster or a blessing. There are much better ways to get your point across than by shouting at a bunch of nonchalant baristas. We do all of our political debating, arguing and shouting in person, not over the internet.

3) 1 slice of cake per EU national. There may be days when we might run out of slices and we only have enough space in our bijou bar to put out a couple of cakes per day so please don't a) moan if we have run out b) come back with a fake moustache and try and get a second slice...that's not cricket.

4) We won't be exchanging the slice of cake for anything else. It will be a slice of cake and that's that. Check with staff if you have any allergies or for ingredients list.

5) Management reserves the right to serve the rude, unfriendly or curt, regardless of where you are from.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

£2 Reward

Pledge £2 and we will donate a slice of cake with your name iced onto it (name will be iced as shown on pledge)

£3 or more

£3 Reward

£3 will donate a slice of cake with your name on it (as shown in the pledge) and £1 gets you some great stickers straight from Right To Remain.

£15 or more

£15 Reward

This donation gets an entire cake with your name(s) on it, plus a 27 character message... why not team up with some friends or colleagues to show your support! Remember, the lovely folks who will be receiving the cake slices will be able to see your names and message. Please leave your message in the pledge.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

This gets the entire cake, plus a £5 donation straight to Right To Remain for the amazing work they do with their 'Toolkit' - check their website for details.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

This means you'll be donating an entire cake with your names and a personal message iced onto it, plus a T-shirt from Right To Remain. Please state names, message and T-Shirt size on pledge.

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