A well for Bedouins from Sinai

by Well for Bedouins in Bookham, England, United Kingdom


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To dig a well in Nuweiba and set up a garden for group of 45 Bedouins from a desert suttlement in area of Sinai which does not ground water.

by Well for Bedouins in Bookham, England, United Kingdom

  • 1546737657_P1010025.JPG I                                     I have been helping Bedouins for 10 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Especially now that they have found themselves on the verge of hunger.  

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The lack of tourists wornesed the hard situation of these people.For a few years was no rain in the desert.

Many Bedouins had to sell animals because there was no food for them. Many animals died of starvation

and diseases ( including 4 goats that I had bought one and half years ago).

However the biggest problem with Bedouins is lack of water.1546739159_P5160470.JPG

In May 2017 I built the well in Nuweiba South Sinai , that supplies water to 4 houses , that is about 25 adults , children and many animals . The well waters the small garden . The well was created in the area rich in groundwater . 


140 km to the south of Peninsula are about 45 people in Bedouin settlement , there is not ground water at all . People bring water for household and animals from my well in Nuweiba ( they are the same family ). To find 

drinking water they are going straight to the source in the desert , 120 km away. Water from my well is a 

little bit salted ( 1 teaspoon for 10 liters what showed test in laboratory ).1546739656_P6260427.JPG

Our dream , my and theirs is to dig a well on 1 hectare plot near Nuweiba . A garden that will grow and then

feed people and animals and will also bring a little income for them.

They will have their own well and garden.1546739732_PC021538.JPG

This is part of my dream that I want to make now . The second part is the transfer these people together with 

animals they belonging to the plot with a well and garden . Bedouins are people of desert . They build houses

with just about anything . With help from family they will build new , better life , close to family , water and

garden . 1546739798_IMG_20181011_002008.jpg

This is a real dream but dreams needs help . I need help to raise money for this project . I am one and need 

more people to help make this dream reality .

I have never ask anyone for help . I bought everything from my hard earned money :

bikes , tents , sleeping bags , blankets , toys , school articles , clothing , shoes , goats , banana trees , tv , phones ,sewing machine , vacum cleaner , buggy for disabled child , food , sweets , telescope , expensive water test and many more ...1546739979_P1010080%5B1%5D.JPG

I financed everything and took it personally or sent it in parcels .1546740076_PB240273.JPG

Now I have to ask for some help . 

My funding target is £ 12.000.

This is what I will do with money :

1. to connect electricity ( the most expensive )

2.purchase of engine

3.purchase of cement , wire reinforcement , wire fence ( 1200 m ) , fence poles , pipes 

4.to dig the well ( 15 - 18 m deep )

5.purchase of water distribution pipes and assemby 

6.soil treatment for cultivation

7.plough up field ( to rent a tractor )

8.purchase of seedlings and fruit trees1546744148_PC031640.JPG

Please , help me to realize my dream about water !

Every donation makes a difference , no donation is to small ! 

Shering on Facebook or Twitter is  also a huge help !

Please , go to my websie to find more about my story and my future plans .


Thank you !

Let's make 'A well for Bedouins from Sinai' happen