Welcome Youth Entertainment

by lisa hines in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Welcome Youth Entertainment
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To set up a secure and supportive youth entertainment club for local children to attend for social entertainment and support.

by lisa hines in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

I live on a housing estate that contains over 10,000 houses. The community has a large family population and too often gatherings of kids all over the streets. There is nothing locally the children can do and instead get into mischief and cause trouble through boredom. I would. Like to change that. There is a fantastic large building right in the middle of the estate that would be the perfect premises. It would have different forms of entertainment from arcade games and poop tables to football and basket ball... But most importantly it would have a safe and supportive environment. An area where kids can relax, get out of the rain, somewhere to go if they don't or can't go home. It would have trained staff to help with everyday issues from bullying and abuse to helping with studies and building strong lasting friendships with those around them. A way to help deter children from dangerous habits like smoking and drinking, to preventing destruction of property and vandalism through lack of control and anger issues. It would be a safe haven, or home from home. The children will be free to come and go and a helpline number will be available to every 24hrs a day. It would also be a great way to neutralise the communities attitudes towards religion and create a neutral environment for all children. 

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