Welcome Wheels: bikes for refugees in Norwich

by Welcome Wheels Project Team in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 11th April 2018 we successfully raised £11,730 with 84 supporters in 56 days

Welcome Wheels is raising money to provide bikes for asylum seekers and refugees in Norwich

by Welcome Wheels Project Team in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

£10 or more

A bicycle lock

A strong shackle lock - also known as a 'D' lock - for a refugee or asylum seeker

£20 or more

Helmet and set of lights

A bike helmet and a set of battery lights - for a refugee or asylum seeker

£25 or more

One cycle training session

A cycle training session for one refugee or asylum seeker, including skills for riding on the road and basic understanding of the Highway Code for cyclists

£30 or more

A bike lock, helmet and set of lights

Package of essential accessories - for a refugee or asylum seeker

£50 or more

Half a bicycle!

Half the cost of a fully refurbished bike - to matched by someone else donating the other half- for a refugee or asylum seeker.

£75 or more

A bike maintenance session for three people

A bike maintenance class for three refugees or asylum seekers, teaching them the basics to keep their bikes safe and road-worthy

£100 or more

One recycled bike

One secondhand bike that has been fully repaired and refurbished with new parts, including mudguards and good quality tyres - for a refugee or asylum seeker.

£150 or more

The full PACKAGE

A bicycle, helmet, lock, set of lights and cycle training session. Everything an individual refugee or asylum seeker needs to get mobile.

£200 or more

Two bicycles

What's better than a bike? Two bikes! We have lots of refugees and asylum seekers waiting for bicycles so if you can fund two bikes, that's twice as nice!

£500 or more


Four bicycles in a mix of adult and child or teenager sizes, helmets, locks and lights, and a group cycle session


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