We Hate Pink Platform

by Rossella Forlè in London, England, United Kingdom

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I'd like to raise money to create a digital platform that aims to connect and inspire women and provide useful resources for companies

by Rossella Forlè in London, England, United Kingdom

Let me introduce myself 

I'm Rossella Forlè. I'm Italian and I have been in London for 7 years now. I have been working in publishing and marketing for events in the UK, Italy and Central America. 

I’m a Feminist.

I'm a Feminist for so many reasons: personal experiences, beliefs and the passion to help create a positive and healthy environment for the future.

By working in corporations I realised that gender inequalities are still there. The boards are still full of white middle-age men and it's tough for women to progress. 

Most of the time I wasn't fully aware of what I needed to progress in my career and I decided to create my own platform.

We Hate Pink was born out of fire, frustration and passion.

Frustration that I didn’t see an adequate representation of women at leadership level in my industry (and not only), frustration that the feminine perspective still isn’t universal but yet is being commodified, and the frustration of hearing women complain but not act.

We Hate Pink is fueled by the passion for powerful stories about the complexity of the human condition; passion for the creative force that runs through our lives; passion for media with purpose, intention and humour; and a passion to create a future in which we’d like to live.

About us 

We Hate Pink is a community-based platform that predominantly addresses gender equality. It supports women in their professional and personal growth, aiming to increase the access of women to leadership roles at all levels.

I created We Hate Pink with my friends, colleague and Co-Founder Fiorenza Plinio. 

Fiorenza Plinio has long time experience working in the publishing and the advertising industry. Fiorenza is currently working at Lions Festivals and she is responsible for nurturing creative excellence across all the company’s products and services as well as for creating new opportunities for growth and engagement with the creative community and wider organisations. She is also a frequent speaker on brand’s reputation and creativity in the advertising and communications industry.

Fiorenza and I want to create a reality where women progress further professionally and in turn personally. We want to redefine the concept of success for women by providing the tools and connections they need to ‘own’ their future and to progress to leadership roles.

What we do 


We host events for you to meet people with passion that come to share knowledge and learn new things in a relaxed environment.

We’ll bring experts and leaders in the room to share their experience and give out tips on how to face the work environment, to create a successful career by providing the tools and connections you need. 


The Zine

Through our online Zine, we incubate, develop and produce stories through a female lens. Each story becomes an opportunity to engage our community and create changes that lives offline as well as on. We want to improve gender diversity in the workplace and in the real world. We share what inspires and motivates us. We voice the questions we have and the tensions we see.


Online Events and Webinars 

During the pandemic we launched online events and webinars in which we discussed:

  • How to embrace the liminal between a past that is gone and a future that’s uncertain
  • The essential skills you need to expand your job prospects during Covid-19
  • The areas where you can “reskill” and “upskill” to stay in the game and keep your career going

Why we need you!

We want to create a digital platform to offer the relevant tools and instruments but also training and mentoring from high profile creative, media and tech leaders, with access to best practice case studies, workshops and online courses to support women to improve both their career and their personal branding.

We will use the money collected through the crowdfunding, to build the digital platform. 

Phase 1: Design of the platform

Phase 2: Testing the platform

Phase 3: Go to market


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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If you contribute with £50 or more, you will receive We Hate Pink tote bag, pins and stickers.

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