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WeeWash: the World's smallest Dishwasher!

by Pierre Guglielmi in 

We did it
On 15th May 2018 we successfully raised £11,591 with 67 supporters in 42 days

The micro dishwasher you have always dreamed of! Smart, portable, and eco-friendly, WeeWash is the new alternative to washing by hand!

by Pierre Guglielmi in



Let me tell you a story: Three years ago, during my studies I was living in a small studio/room where space was very limited. Every night the same scenario, tired after my classes, I would want to prepare some warm and cosy meal and would feel discouraged by the dirty dishes accumulating beside the sink… :(

“How cool it would be to have a mini dishwasher tailored for my needs!”

-> A quick search on the market showed me that I would keep washing by hand for a long time!

Until last year.... During my MSc in Mechatronics at University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), I had the opportunity to design an innovative product for my Master’s Thesis, and the idea of a micro dishwasher was still floating in my mind!

What I realised ?

The frustration I had, washing by hand everything, was actually shared by many fellow students and professionals around me:83ec1ecbb1819f78da19fcb6ef91a383.png

What about the environment?

There’s a huge environmental cost to washing by hand. In Europe, all the households who wash by hand use 13 times more water and 3 times more energy than all households using a dishwasher - (report CECED, 2017)

The idea of WeeWash was born! Saving water and electricity on a global scale while providing productivity and comfort to individuals living in small flats!

181d52d16cb70245d237599a33e35c5f.pngWhat is WeeWash? The first personal dishwasher specially designed for small kitchens.


Micro size but super flexible range of use:7a6c63e22acbabf9893eb17af78d9c90.png*The images presented above are a product rendering for marketing purposes, the shape and size of the device is likely to evolve along the PD stage.

The project started in January 2017. After 6 months of background research and a first design, Francisco Carreño and I joined forces to create WeeWash Ltd.cb2cd8b3294c1fe02df06f552a0f637f.png

We built a few Proof-of-concept prototypes to test specific elements of the design during the past 6 months. Now we need to step up our game and build a fully functional prototype!

However, this stage is very expensive as each design iteration costs several £1,000… We expect to spend between £100,000 and £150,000 to get a Minimum Viable Product:

That is why your support is so important for us!e0ac550af19a0307d860ea9733443964.png8e3ef9596fa086f5f3342ace2d09385e.png


Any contribution will help us tremendously. WeeWash is a human-centered project: we want you to be part of our story, therefore we tried to offer you different unique rewards in limited editions for every kind of budget.69751693f65fd3c780bb19c35a0d3ee6.png

*If you cannot come to Glasgow, we will find other ways to show you our gratitude :)

The story of WeeWash is first and foremost the story of two international students who met at University of Strathclyde and shared a common vision for entrepreneurship and responsible design. With Francisco, we are two passionate mechanical engineers with a deep interest in technical innovation, problem-solving, and a complementary working experience…5a03c62ae26ef34632f76c3eb66b7df3.pngf805db08b8e18e6d6cc3c3d42e878567.png

WeeWash is also helped by five interns at the moment:

Kieran Rodgers is Financial Intern helping the company to keep all financial documentation up to date and with competitor and market analysis. He is a third-year student in International Business.

Annie Clinton, Alan Air, Michael Wallace and Ross Fisher are Product Development Interns helping the company with ideation and market research. Annie is a fifth-year student of an MSc in Product Design, Alan is a third-year student of a BSc in Product Design, Michael and Ross are third-year students of a BSc in Product Engineering at University of Strathclyde.



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THANKS: Your help at any level brings the WeeWash dishwasher one step closer to all tiny kitchens of Europe. We will keep you informed with all the WeeWash updates.

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FOLLOWER: We will display YOUR NAME on our brand-new website so that you will be forever part of WeeWash history. We will send you our special updates about the development.

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