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by Weegie Wellbeing Project in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom

Weegie Wellbeing Project


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I wish to start a youth project that focuses on what I feel is a very important gap within our society.

by Weegie Wellbeing Project in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom

I wish to start a youth project that focuses on what I feel is a very important gap within our society.     

This will be a very holistic approach, rather than the specialised subject areas of Mindfulness or Nutrition which tend to be taught separately.   As a Holistic Therapist, I have identified contributory factors within our culture that play an integrated role into how our physical and mental health will mould us for our adult years.  In identifying my own areas in my development which contributed towards chronic illnesses, plus my training, research and client cases, I am able to bring a very realistic approach.  

Having identified that our culture tends to treat everything separately, rather than as a 'whole', we find that many aren't able to identify the different pieces of the jigsaw that accumulate to their present or future circumstances.

While it's been noted that mental health focus has increased in recent years for children's education, there is little effort being made to communicate these everyday lifestyle concepts to families within our communities.

The enterprise will conduct the workshops in an effort to support, educate and have an important intervention into young adults lives, at the time where they are moulding their future habits.  Having the parents involved will increase the chances of these elements being evaluated and changed within their home/family life.  

I am unique to others who visit schools as I will not be focusing on one concept only.  There will be a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual advice on a realistic level.  I have qualifications such as a HND Complementary Therapies and also Lifestyle Advice, Stress Management, Mindfulness.  I have a qualified Psychology graduate who is also available to join me for workshops to support the development of good mental health strategies.  Having another workshop for parents is also vital, for us to address whole family dynamics and to inspire change at all levels.

My advantages are my own personal experience of physical health problems and anxieties which cost me many good opportunities in my younger years, also impacting into my adult years.  I also have the ability to show how implementing changes has made a difference to myself and to clients and groups which I treated as a Therapist.  

My approach will be different as some of the topics covered will be:


What 'Holistic' actually means

Our 'Quick Fix' Society

Society's Increasing Health Problems & How We Can Implement Change

Habitual Modes of Thinking & Living

The definition of 'healthy' and how it can be skewed

Media & Technology Influence

Inflammatory Foods

Gut & Brain connection

The Root of Disease

The Effects of Stress On The Body

Adrenal Response

How Illness Can Manifest

Rebalancing/Resetting The Body


Imagined Expectations

'Achiever' Mode

Kindness, Compassion, Cause & Effect

Working With Energy Frequencies

Inflammatory Factors


Past Wounds & Mending Your Future

Using Meditation & Affirmations

Helpful & Not So Helpful Stress Management Techniques


Holistic Wellbeing Boxes will be gifted to each student.  Each participating adult/parent that comes to the parenting workshop will also receive this.  It will help give them the tools to implement changes discussed within the workshop.  These boxes will also be able to be purchased by the general public on a website and in 2 different retail outlets within Renfrewshire.  The profits made from these shall be returned into the project.

My idea will be marketed by contacting schools directly and with video and electronic information on the content and success of a pilot scheme.  Statistics and feedback will be taken from surveys from those who participated within the pilot.

There is also scope with working within Youth Groups and Community Organisations to conduct similar workshops.  With feedback from a pilot scheme, this will enrich my portfolio and open up these doors to reach other families also.

The Holistic Wellbeing Boxes have already been designed and created.  I donated 16 of these in total in June 2020 to The Women's Aid refuge in Paisley.  Feedback will be collected on these shortly.  All products have been thoughtfully acquired and many of them from local or Scottish businesses.  I also have received positive response from clients of my therapy treatments and I am confident that they could retail reasonably well also.

 It is for initial start up costs to run the successful pilot, gather materials and costs for all legality aspects of the business to run that I am setting up this crowdfund.  With the start up costs we can run a pilot but also create all necessary resources and organisational needs for continuation and selling of the holistic boxes by retail.  Once running, this social enterprise will be able to fund itself and will receive more recognition from local councils for any potential funding to expand, promote. 

Let's make 'Weegie Wellbeing Project' happen

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