wedding help

wedding help

Marriage in two months and savings used for my Father's treatment.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 We met in 2015. Fell in love,  got Engaged and started planning for our dream wedding and honeymoon. Everything was Perfect and thought we have control over our lives. 

In mid 2016 My father had his third stroke and this time it was a serious damage to his brain. He was in intensive care on a life support system for a month before he left us. His last wish was not to postpone the wedding. Me and My family used all our savings in a battle to save his life. 

It wsn't easy at all.... I miss him. My Fiance'  (Lexy) and her family supported us in every possible way. 

Our Big day is on 24th June, and everyone is excited. Lexy know my financial circumstances has changed post my Father's death and she sacrificed  her dreams for wedding simply because we could not afford it now. We were planning to buy a house earlier but now struggling to rent one. We scaled our wedding down to minimum and restricted our expenses to basics. We havnt planned our honeymoon either. 


Average wedding cost nearly £20k, ours is half of that. My income is steady and after digging credit cards and family; I still need some help. As a children we dedicated our life to our parents and now the time has come for us to start writting our own book without putting too much pressure on them.

Every Girl knit some dreams for her Big Day. Lexy has done a lot for me and my family and I really wish if I can give her some courage to live her dreams too. 

Now, I am asking for your support and help. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your thoughts, support and ecouragement. I am blessed beyond measure to have you consider assisiting me in a matter of my heart. ]

Please help me to make her dreams come true.