Wedding fund

Wedding fund

I want to get married and to serve the Lord!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Marriage is one of the most important values. Families build our community and development Between man and woman. I'm Valentin, I'm not ashamed to come up with my name, nor even to say That I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The story is long, but I will say briefly that I did An important step called Engagement. The truth is, I do not even know where to find money for a wedding.

All I know is that I love Her and I want to be with this woman. Some people see me as a failure If I do not have my own cars and money to start with. Everyone know that Few people of this age have such things unless its inherited. Even my parents do not have this opportunity.

I'm trying to earn money but are away from the enough, cause in Bulgaria is very hard! We have faith and prayer. I've never wanted to please and beg for people, I'm not doing it now. What I did was to sign up for this site because I felt God Tells me to do it, and that there are people who still hold true values in life. I'm not writing this to manipulate someone to give me and sponsor me, I do it because I believe God is the provider, and if there is someone who wants to support our wedding, this will be the Lord's Work. Thank you and Excuse me for my not perfect english! God Bless you!