Instant cash for you unwanted gadgets.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

"instant cash for your unwanted gadgets"

The main ideas of the business is to buy and sell second hand gadgets from mobile phones to laptops, ipads, smartwatches etc.

Research shows that the second hand gadget market is huge and we beleive we can make it big in this sector offering what competitors dont.

Similar to places like CEX only we will be different offering to collect items at customers houses carrying our tests and valueing the item right infront of the customer after they have already submitted a valuation through our facebook page.

We aim to use social media as our main tool to drum up business as we have had experience of buying and selling through facebook selling pages and know we can do a lot better.

We aim to make a 40-45% gross profit margin on all products and therefore creating a lucrative business.

the other difference with us will also be no expensive premise overheads therefore cutting costs drastically.

I myself have 10 years experience in the second hand electronics business and beleive it time to go it on my own to provide for my family instead of making others rich through my experience.

The aim is to raise £15,000 purely for stock purchases and get the ball rolling using social media sites to reach out to people who have not got the time or indeed need the hassle of places like ebay and alike, we would offer instant cash on items that meet our criteria and giving the cash straight to the seller after them and the product passing certain checks, drivers licence and proof of adress for the seller to cover ourselves from potential stolen items and also use checkmend to check each product against stolen/fraudulent items.

Eventually we would like to exand the business in to having our own ecommerce site webuyanygadget.co.uk

there we can buy and sell products through a modern web site.

So please back a guaranteed business idea and help us get in to the market.