Website Funding - Abuse & Mental Health Project

by Laura Elizabeth in Eagle, England, United Kingdom

Website Funding - Abuse & Mental Health Project
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

- £200 for hosting, template and domain of my project's website.

by Laura Elizabeth in Eagle, England, United Kingdom


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”
Maya Angelou, I know why the caged bird sings

This is a role call (or call to arms) for survivors of abuse and/or anyone with mental health issues:

In the next few months I am aiming to launch a website, with a view to developing into a charity in the future, for survivors of abuse and sufferers of mental health issues to speak frankly about their experiences and tell their stories.

It will be called ‘Power-Share’ and will run on my theory that talking about our struggles weakens their hold over us, creates awareness and community and inspires other people to share too.

Subjection to abuse and mental health issues are often very private struggles. I believe being given a platform to tell your personal account, letting go of a secret that creates tension within you, is freeing and allows you reclaim a sense of power and control over your life. Through a lack of understanding, and often a lack of support in these areas, it’s uncommon to be enabled to speak freely about personal struggles and experiences. This can result in these issues never being fully faced or worked-through. I want to give you a platform to just talk about it; let it out without censoring, feeling ashamed or apologising for doing so. By ‘airing’ your internal struggles I hope you can start detracting from their power over you and begin to heal.

To launch this website for it's first year, I need to raise:

- £200 for hosting, template and domain.

Everything else - content management, talking to survivors, editing, will be done by myself for free. This is my project to raise awareness of abuse and mental health.

Let's make 'Website Funding - Abuse & Mental Health Project' happen