Help PPUK make a real difference

Help PPUK make a real difference

Like so many of you Pirate Party UK are fed up with mainstream politics. Help fund us so we can make a real difference.

We did it!

On 26th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £1,436 with 26 supporters in 28 days
Help PPUK make a real difference   It's our 6th Birthday! We've been spending some time reflecting on what we've achieved as well as looking to the future and what we want to  achieve in the next 6 years.   We still aim to restore faith in our broken democracy, to speak out  for our freedoms and ensure everyone in the UK gets their fair share. The world doesn't change by itself!   The Party has just been, like most others, through a General Election like we have never seen. Many were shocked with the outcome; we here at PPUK know that we are needed now more than ever. But elections are expensive. We spent over £10,000 to run 6 candidates. Compare that to the £millions the mainstream parties spend, and we have a long way to go.   That's where you can help us.   We know lots of people are after your money, but saving free culture and protecting our freedom doesn't come cheap. We can only do what we do thanks to our generous donors.

Unlike other partoes, we're not funded by Lords and lobbyists; we're funded by people like you, who believe in what we do.

With your help we can start to match them.
  • £10 Can pay for a phone line during an election campaign.
  • £50 Can get us 1,500 election leaflets to deliver.
  • £500 Can run a Pirate for Parliament.
  • £5,000 Can run a list of Pirates for the European Parliament, or devolved Assemblys
Right now we are working to re-charge our coffers after the General Election 2015 campaign; there are many battles still to come. We need your help, so please  donate what you can!   Think Different? Give the chance to vote different. To get the update this country needs we need to think different - to vote for something different. These are the issues your money can help us campaign on:   Our Freedoms End mass surveillance Fair and open justice system – no secret courts Protect the right to protest Respect privacy   Child Poverty Targeted action, community organiser lead   Education Scrap University tuition fees Education as a lifelong right Let teachers teach, not administrate   Health NHS free at the point of delivery Treat drug addiction as a health issue, not a criminal one No NHS in TTIP End grip of “big pharma”, patients before profits   Regeneration Community lead, not top down regeneration Powers to challenge owners who leave buildings empty Support reuse of heritage buildings Affordable housing in every ward

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Want to donate via bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin?

Please send your bitcoins to the following address, along with an email to to confirm your name and transaction ID. We'll convert at the current exchange rate and send you the relevant rewards. 

BTC: 1PirateFhcCaXiSxfYDJgyEYFn4SmVR1Tm 


DOGE: DPiRaTEL6vg1wXat8qrfaTCrEFRob71MjK

Please note that if you donate via crypto, and do not send your details, we will be forced to return the transaction.


How can you contact PPUK?

You can contact us, ask questions, find out more about us;


Twitter: @PiratePartyUK

Phone: 0161 987 5944

Hashtags: #PPUK #WeArrsix


Please note, due to Electroical Commission funding regulations, if you are donating £50 or over, you must provide us with your name and address or the donation will be returned. 

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