Wearables Contactless Payment Keyring

by Collette Costello in Manchester, Greater Manchester, England

Wearables Contactless Payment Keyring

To make a 3D printed keyring that can be swiped on cash machines to make purchases, embedded with NFC chips like those found on cash cards.

by Collette Costello in Manchester, Greater Manchester, England

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

KIKU Tech Handbags already produce LED light-up handbags, I am now developing an 3D printed keyring that can be used to make contactless payments.  The technology already exists in the form of NCT chips that can be swiped on cash machines to take payments instead of having to use a cash card.  I will be embedding this chip into a 3D printed keyring that is stylish and can be attached to a bag to make quick simple payments in stores.  

I am currently working with a 3D print company and already have a 3D digital image of the final keyring design. Your investment will pay for having a prototype of the keyring produced.  Please note you will be funding the 3D printed keyring only and I will be sourcing future funding to develop an app to enable the keyring to make payments.  

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3D Printed Keyring in Fuschia Pink (does not include NFC chip).

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