Wearable art, fashion from N.Ireland

by Laura Sheila Rafferty in Newry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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Aim of my project is develop brand that reflects N.Irelands heritage of industry and to develop and promote sustainability, slow fashion.

by Laura Sheila Rafferty in Newry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Lara Lavine is ladies luxury brand, specialising in luxury silk scarves, limited edition art, and one off garments. Our market is aimed at affluent women with a disposable income, that like dress their home and themselves in sheer luxury. The brand is inspired by Northern Ireland's heritage of transport and industry, Lavine's Unique selling point is that its created based on N.Ireland,s heritage and culture of steam trains, working industry, the brands identity and designs reflect this, no one has done this before. Most designers that reflect their Irish culture through their craft, deal with Celtic theme mythology/ folklore, where as Lavine purely focuses on N. Ireland heritage of industry. Reflecting the symbolism of its hard working people, and ethos, as being merchants, and ship builders of the titanic and railways for industry and commerce. N.Irelands best asset is it's people despite the history of the trouble, the poeple are best thing about N.Ireland and their sense of humour, work ethic, and personality. Lavine provides the wearable art experience with a range limited edition silk scarves, one off garments and art for the home. My brand promotes sustainable fashion, slow fashion, challenging mass production to reduce waste. I would like to grow the business and provide training and employment opportunities for others in N.Ireland. Five year goal is to secure six stockists one international, and apply for London fashion week, become internationally recognised brand. Increase revenue sales, interest from department stores such as Harvey Nichols, liberties, Harrods, Barneys, of NY, Brown Thomas, House of  Fraser,  Galleries, Lafayette etc. Be able to create from studio in Belfast and sell export globally, current goal is to exhibit at top drawer London or Saatchi scoop London fashion show, and secure a private investor to help with research and  development and advertising of the brand. Gain exposure through the Irish Cifd, and exposure in print and social media.The funding would give Lara Lavine the finance, and the platform to launch my brand globally, and become more recognised, and increase sales, revenue, which will hopefully provide more jobs and benefit the economy, and put Northern Ireland on the map internationally in regards to design and fashion.


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