Wear Tribl

Wear Tribl

Wear Tribl is is a clothing brand that will combine culture and urban design

We did it!

On 21st Dec 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 35 days

We live in a society where image and physical appearance has become a vocal point in our daily lives.

I have seen first-hand how my partner felt after giving birth to our daughter. She has always been inspired by health and fitness and her goal was to get back in shape and continue her routine after birth. This all sounded easy until she got on her gym clothes, at that moment she lost all motivation and zeal to push on. The clothes did not give her the confidence she needed to get back in the gym or exercise at all.

She became really self-conscious, demotivated and a lot more concerned about how other people thought about how she looks.

As a fitness enthusiast I encouraged her and tried my best to motivate her, all to no avail, nothing seemed to be working. She always had an excuse as to why she couldn’t.

After all these episodes, I started speaking to other people both male and female, to understand more on how your physical appearance could affect your mind set.

This led me to think about how to help, assist one build confidence, which got me thinking and decided to create a clothing line that is comfortable, affordable and through its designs boosts confidence, This is Wear Tribl.

The brand aims to Include everyone, allows you appreciate yourself from the outside in while building on your self-confidence.

The brand design will be a mixture of culture and urban lifestyle, releasing Athlesuire designs, which can be worn while working out and also in the streets.

While we are eagerly ready to dress everyone in confidence, of course like everything in life it requires money.

With the cash we have, we have:

  • Designed brand the logo.
  • Designed some products and bought some samples and testing them to make sure we give the tribe quality.
  • Started the creating the website.
  • Had a photoshoot with the samples be have purchased.

We have only been able to afford accessories such as snapbacks and beanie hats, to kick start the clothing brand.

How will your contribution help:

  • Place and buy stock on samples we have tested and satisfied with the quality.
  • Order samples for our sleeveless tops, t-shirts and bottoms.
  • Book a photoshoot
  • Create a promotional campaign to promote our range
  • Release our First range to the public

Thank you for reading this far, every single donation helps us get one step closer to our launching our brand Wear Tribl.

We love to hear your ideas, any experience you think we might benefit from please get in contact.



Instagram: @weartribl

Thank You!!

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