Wear indicator road tyre

Wear indicator road tyre

A yellow visual indicator marker strip in tyres, as a visual aid to when a tyre is approaching the end of its life, or when the tyre has...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A yellow visual indicator marker strip in tyres, as a visual aid to when a tyre is approaching the end of its life, or when the tyre has reached its minimal legal tread depth.
This idea is for tyres for private/commercial and public service vehicles globally.

This safety advancement is in the form of a yellow (or similar bright colour) indicator band embedded in the tyre, at 'just above', or 'on' the legal limit of tread wear according to that countries laws on tread depth.

When the tyres tread depth is starting to reach the minimum legal limit, the yellow 'wear indicator' marker strip will start to show through the tyre.

Currently, the only 'legally accurate' way to check a tyres tread depth is to use a complex digital depth gauge on the small markers buried in the tyres tread.
99% of the roads motorists do not carry around digital depth gauge meters in the glovebox, and most motorists have simply never heard of this tyre check process.
So, many millions of drivers just rely on their next auto service or annual vehicle check, to see if their tyres are legal, and usually this is too late.
This concept has many positive values, including a visual reference for the police and sheriffs to spot illegal tyres on the road, as you can imaging a worn out tyre with a bright yellow band running round the tyre, a great visual reference that the tyre is driving around illegally, and actually aid in a good 'stop and search' tool for the police.

This idea could ultimately stop bald tyres being driven on the road in the future, what driver in there right mind would want to drive a vehicle with a illegal tyres with yellow wear bands running around them, shouting out to everyone, 'look at me, I have an illegal bald tyre on my car'!.

I have done a short survey of over 250 regulars drivers, and nearly every driver did NOT know how to check a tyre tread depth, or did NOT know the minimum legal tread depth., most drivers Like I said, rely on others to check their tyres.

Over the years in my profession, I have asked many hundreds of customers, do you think there should be some kind of 'visual' warning on a tyre, that shows you there is either 'uneven tyre wear' issues (see attached diagrams), or showing tyre is now on illegal tread limit.
ALL of my customers said yes, there should be some kind of warming or alert that there is something wrong!.

With this tyre idea, if your tyre tread is in the black, then your good to go!.

The general public, motor manufactures, department of transport, the police, fleet operators, the government I think would adopt an idea like this, as safety sells!.

Obviously, I don't want to start manufacturing tyres, that market is already covered with stiff enough competitors.
This idea needs to be licensed.

The new Continental tyre with 'Wear Indicator'

The new Dunlop tyre with 'Wear Alert!'

The new Michelin tyre with 'Wear Warning!'

TV/Internet/Magazine Advertising slogans as:

'Stay in the Black' with the new Michelin 'Wear Warning tyre'.

Stay safe on the road, with Dunlop's new visual 'Wear Alert!' Tyre.