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The project's aim is to create a beneficial platform for success driven individuals to 'master' key areas on their journey to fulfilment.

by Joel Williams in Coventry, England, United Kingdom


WealthyHide is a subscription based platform providing educational and informational content. We act as a group/organisation where success driven members can benefit from teachings and practices for personal betterment. The platform is also added with discounts on Travel, Leisure and Shopping.

The 3 key programs we focus on in the platform are Mindset Development, Spiritual Development and Material Development and how to balance the 3. Each program consists of Sub-programs which a member will need to complete in order to access the next. Discounts are only accessible once each program is completed, acting as a reward.

We hope to have you on the journey..

My Story

Throughout my years i've insisted there is more to life than what we have been told. My journey proceeded as i finished college. Stuck with no direction as to where i was headed i began to discover the power of the mind. We've all heard of the Law of Attraction (well, some of us i assume) and how our thoughts shape our reality, this was the starting point of my discovery to deeper living. My starting point then rippled to the discovery of meditation so on and so on.

Fast-forward a few years i found myself working a job in a field i did enjoy, garment production and customisation at a local start-up. This involved screen-printing, graphic design and many other forms of decoration. I was fascinated with production, investing every fragment of my soul into, so i then ventured into starting multiple clothing brands. Young, alone and directionless my ideas lacked structure, and decided to quit. 3-5 years within i begun to feel trapped, exhausted and hopeless. My efforts were not recognised, so i decided to leave for good, without fear of the unknown!

My energy needed a refreshment.

Here i am today, building knowledge to invest independently in the financial market, building a start-up company with my brother and desiring to provide a platform others can find personal fulfilment through support, development and practice.


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