We will work for food.

by scott hendrie in St. Giles On The Heath, England, United Kingdom


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We want to offer a free platform to UK artists whilst on lock down any profit on sales will be donated to local food banks.

by scott hendrie in St. Giles On The Heath, England, United Kingdom

We own Brave Boutique which is an online boutique and gallery championing British art and design that lends to the more unique and unusual .  We have just completed phase 1 of our artistic retreat the Lazy Hare which has had to close, so we are diversifying.

 Karen works with food bank on a regular basis as she works in supported housing for people who suffer with mental health and drug and alcohol issues so she knows first hand on the front line how vital food bank is. 

Our local Food bank is down 300% so if you pledge to our cause you can receive some cool art and other prizes that are exclusive to this Crowd Funder, even a tenner! We can then use the power of creativity to make a massive difference. 

So pledge so money and get some cool rewards you wont get anywhere else on the planet.

Some of our rewards below

Click this link and see what other prints by Street artists Phloe are up for grabs.

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Click the link to see more examples art by Phloe

Ambient lighting by Scott Hendrie

Click the link to see more images of the Lazy Hare Retreat, pledge and win some discounted breaks and vouchers.

What the retreat will do

We already have photographers, jewellery designers, sculptors, street artists, painters, writers, and musicians excited to teach at the retreat and we are all very excited and keen to get it started. After 2 years of blood sweat and tears due to the Corona virus we have had to shut so we are  am going to use this time to help as much as we can and prepare for when we have conquered this virus. 

Recently we have been in touch with our friend  Derek Gow who is a local freelance ecologist and nature conservationist to bring people to stay at the retreat and experience a badger and beaver viewing weekend which will help to sustain our local wildlife this is one of many projects we are excited about.

The author of the Stonewylde Series Kit Berry will also be teaching creative writing at the Lazy Hare.

Shelia Kadeer is 1 of a large network of holistic and spiritual healers that we will be working with. Karen and Shelia will be working with the Lazy Hare to mentor women who have gone through domestic violence, achieve freedom from anxiety and PTSD and gain the confidence, courage and clarity to create a brighter future. 

We currently have a community  of around 100 creatives working with us and we are confident this will expand rapidly and be an amazing creative hub to support everyone involved.

All our artists that are rallying towards this cause donating and creating art they have been brilliant! 

What we will do with the money

The money will be used for marketing, photography, and running costs to enable us to promote and sell artists work for free at this time as well as to complete the second phase of the retreat which we are about a month away from completing but due to cancellation of bookings due to the virus we were unable to fund. When the retreat is up and running it will benefit the local community and local artist as well as the overall national art community.

What we will do for artist on lock down 

*Brave boutique can offer a free website space with our low commission donated to food banks commission.

*Build the artist or designer a biog.

*Access to worldwide press thus raising their profile.

*Showcase there work with some of the best in the Uk with high end photography and product placement.

*Turn original artwork into limited edition prints to create additional income.

*Higher google rankings.

*Exposure via social media.

*A chance to teach at the Lazy Hare retreat and much more.

We have a unique way of selling and promoting artwork by combining the artwork/product with interior design and lifestyle shoots that we then promote through domestic and worldwide publications. We also curate online art auctions. We have won best design 3 times on the interior design website Houzz. We have managed to place some of our artists  in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, Ideal home, House beautiful, Country living, Gracia, Red magazine to name a few. 

So pledge and get some cool unique rewards, help support Uk artists and support already stretched Food banks. Thanks Scott and Karen

Cool luminara candles click the link to see more of this reward.

sculpture by Scott Hendrie

Click here to see a selection of A4 prints donated by Gary Hogben

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