We want to be more than just a food bank

by Margate Independent Foodbank CiC in Margate, England, United Kingdom


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We desire to raise funds on two fronts 1) To keep the Food Bank going 2) It's our aim to be more than just a food bank in the community

by Margate Independent Foodbank CiC in Margate, England, United Kingdom

Margate Independent Foodbank 

Was set 14 weeks ago to reach the increasing demands in the district in and around Margate.

Margate is one of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in the South East of England, it even suffers one of the largest unemployment rates in Kent.

So, there are many households finding it tough to feed the Family,

We have had the number of households needing our services increasing; we are giving out over 220 food parcels which are supporting over 400 households have a meal on their tables.

We have likewise started a clothing bank.

We seek to be more than just a food bank, we seek to help more households in the community around Employment, Housing and Benefits information to do this as a None Profit Group we require growing finances. 

To achieve our goal, thank you 

Let's make 'We want to be more than just a food bank' happen

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