We want a van to carry our #vwfixfail message

We  want a van to carry our #vwfixfail message

The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum intends On buying a VW van to carry our #vwfixfail message across the U.K. We need your help!

£2,485 raised of £5,000 target 50 %
163 supporters 12 days left
This project will only be funded if at least £5,000 is pledged by 9:18pm 9th March 2018

The Volkswagen Diesel Customer Forum is a Facebook group which was set up in the aftermath of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal.

The group has been working hard to hold Volkswagen group to account for its behaviours related to the defeat device. There is growing anecdotal evidence to suggest that the "service action" offered by Volkswagen group is potentially causing issues to customers vehicles after receiving the "service action". We are working hard to support our 7000 members,  who are allegedly suffering with EGR/DPF failures since receiving the "service action" or "fix", which is designed to remove the cheating software.

The group has so far worked hard to engage in activities and campaigns to raise awareness and help affected customers share information and gain support from the transport select committee and the UK government. We have carried out crowdfunded protests and have work with the media to keep the Volkswagen defeat device on the agenda. Most of these actions have been carried out with support from our last successful crowdfund. However and to be able to now take our work to the next step, we need to ensure that the group can afford to engage in campaigns including: The purchase of a vw vehicle to carry our #vwfixfail message/peaceful protests/travel to meetings and events/Use of advertising materials and distribution of bumper stickers/car stickers and other campaign related materials.

We are doing this to enable the group to engage in campaigns which will raise awareness of the volkswagen emissions scandal and our cause.

The group does not intend on making any profit from this funding campaign and we will take steps to ensure that we are open and honest about all costs and funds associated to the campaign and group activities.