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On 26th December 2019 we successfully raised £3,800 with 62 supporters in 28 days

To get more disabled people in London swimming and break barriers of loneliness and isolation.

by Tash Fleming in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Additional funds will help us start work on creating accessible up-to-date information on swimming clubs and London pool facilities. 

Finding a disabled swimming club - be that recreational or Paralympic, at the moment is hard. Information on disabled access in and around pools is poor. This creates additional barriers for disabled people to go swimming with their friends and family at local leisure pools or join clubs. If we make this information accessible - we can get thousands more people in the water, improving their mental health and feeling good about themselves.

21% of Londoners have a disability and 50% of working aged disabled people are chronically lonely. The unique properties of water make swimming perfect for people of all ages to exercise, particularly those with injuries, impairments or long term health conditions. Yet there are only 7 recreational disabled swimming clubs in the capital, so the benefits of physical exercise are not gained by disabled people who face many barriers.

With 10 years experience enabling disabled people to swim, we are establishing a new organisation to radically increase the number of people that have freedom of movement in water, and give them the opportunity of building meaningful friendships in their community at the same time. 

A pool in Old Street has given us a slot on Friday evenings, and while we are busy applying for funding, it will take a while for that money to come in. Momentum is important and for that reason we are appealing to you to support us now to get started in February 2020.

We Swim will be a dynamic, upbeat, safe, inclusive place to swim, supported by volunteers who will help build people's confidence in the water, sense of achievement and fitness.

£1.5k will cover us for the first couple of months of set up including pool hire, insurance and volunteer recruitment until we successfully get grants. 

Please support us, donate today & share this link with friends and family or visit our website at http://weswim.club


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£2 or more

£2 swimming session

If you are disabled and would like to come along to swim with us, it costs £2 per session. Find more information at http://weswim.club

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