We Run This - US Girls Wandsworth

We Run This - US Girls Wandsworth

 WELCOME TO WE RUN THIS!! A group where young females set the agenda!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


WE RUN THIS! Because our girls sessions is run by the participants. They set the agenda, topics, and sessios to develop themselves and the females from the area. 

Back in 2015, England Athletics teamed up with Caius House & Generate youth clubs because we identified there was a gap in female provision. We were constantly meeting girls from the Whinstanley area who thought there was nothing in the area for them, specifically female only. This made us start to think about creating our own female only sessions where the girls from the estate can come together and participate in a range of different activities. This isnt all sport. We include social and life skills into this group as we think it's so important for these girls to continue to learn in all environments. 

We try to engage with a wide range of females. We work with Generate and provide a safe and sceure activity for females with learning disabilities. (Please see picture below) They girls love the sessions and enjoy the social and sport side of the session. 

The females who attend our sessions come from all different schools, sports, youth clubs and backgrounds and this sessions gives a unique opportunity to come together. 

This is our Generate Girls Group. 

This is out Caius House girls group 



On the 5th March 2016 the girls group helped organise a International Womens Day event to celebrate all that they do & celebrate women in the local area. The event was a great success!


If you beleive this is a worthy cause for a donations please feel free! We believe its SO important for young females to come together, share experience, learn new skills and interactive with each other. 

We hope you think this is as important as we do!