We-R Bars

We-R Bars

We - R is an exciting new concept in mobile Cocktail Bars and Mixology. Looking to expand into emerging markets, developed and strive.

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An exciting and new development within the mobile cocktail bar sector, We-R will enable guests cater their experience to suit their desires and requirements. With a flexable, frinedly yet proffesional approach We-R is changing the face of mobile Cocktails.

Comprising of a hard working team of Mixologists with a just over 20 years combined experience within the field this is our next and exciting step of our careers! 

Our aim to to enable guests to fully cater their requirements, from decor, drinks menus and service styles - taking the best pieces from our experiences and combining them with our creatinve ideas We-R will provide guests with the ultimate drinks service alternative.

 Creating fully customisable drinks menus, service styles and payment options We-R aim to be at the for-front of future mobile cocktail bars!