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On 23rd August 2019 we successfully raised £4,165 with 55 supporters in 38 days

Your investment will back 20 underestimated young people through our programme accelerating their journey into rewarding work.

by Square Circle in London, England, United Kingdom

We are Square Circle. We provide the platform for young people to share their insights and ideas with employers. 

We have a totally fresh take on connecting underestimated young people with employers. Your investment in our launch will directly back the first 20 young people through our programme which culminates in them being paid to deliver learning experiences - on the topic of inclusion - to hiring managers and team leaders in their workplaces. We are excited to accelerate their journey to rewarding work.

Our idea came from listening to over 150 young people in East London. We had been hired to design a 21st Century Finishing School for 4000 education-leavers. Our brief included how to provide the polish people need to enter the workplace. Far from a lack of polish, we in fact found skills, ambition and talent in abundance so decided to work with young people to deliver a better way to connect them with employers - one that showed them at their best.
Asma, one of the first young people to deliver a learning experience to a group of team leaders (she chose to speak about mental health), told us:

“I gained lots of experience from being the trainer. I spoke about something that was close to me for the first time and I really loved today.”

Mustafa delivered a short course on cultural sensitivity around faith in the workplace, and told us: 

"It was beneficial to be shown a glimpse of the real change that could be made just by sharing what I care about.”

Our first clients told us:

“This is a great idea, very different from what I have seen any recruiter offering. Team leads like me can raise their awareness of the way different identities experience the workplace, enhancing their existing inclusion initiatives, with the added benefit of introductions to a potential pool of talent we might not usually have the chance to meet. Plus it was uplifting!” 

Andrew Neill, Head of AI, Leading UK Tech Company. 

"This would work for us as a feed-in to current recruitment processes." 

Sarah Haville, Talent Acquisition, Financial Services. 

“There were countless firms I could have employed, but what I got is much more interesting. The critical thing was a differently-minded approach to the conventional mindset I would have got elsewhere.”  

Vicky Clarke, Divisional Director of Economic Growth and Development, The London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

How will your money help? 

We are committed to fair pay for all work done. We want to start as we mean to go on, so your funding will help us pay our young consultants for their time, as well as to help us with the lean expenses we need to get as many young people as possible through our programme, accelerating their journey to rewarding work. Square Circle will operate as a social enterprise funding by revenue from clients; this funding round is purely to get us up and running, and then there is a clear commercial benefit to employers in consulting and hiring our pool of young talent. 

Your money will fund: 

* A two week programme for 20 young people. This includes over 40 hours contact time with us during which we work with participants to identify both the passion and personal experiences they will draw on to design and deliver their learning experience to our partner employers.

* Asset-based coaching.

* Job search accelerator including LinkedIn masterclasses.

* Hourly rate pay for our young consultants for their time delivering their learning experience to employers (average time spent is 2 hours per participant).

* Essentials and expenses for our young talent during the programme, and their time with employers. 

Note: we are a team of three founders and we are not paying ourselves from this early-stage funding round. We will start to pay ourselves with our first client wins. We are currently working elsewhere to fund our time developing Square Circle. 

Connecting young people with inclusive workplaces.

In addition to the bespoke time we spend with young job seekers accelerating their path to rewarding work, we are excited about the ways we can improve the world of work that they are heading into. We will achieve this impact in two ways:

1. The learning experiences young people deliver are a great opportunity to showcase work-ready skills and ambition to employers but they have the additional impact of raising awareness within businesses of the way that race, class, gender, sexuality, faith, differing mental and physical abilities affect the way people of different identities can be included at work. 

2. We have designed a recruitment site where we can promote work opportunities from progressive employers who are going beyond tokenistic diversity and who are leading the way towards inclusion. 

We are Square Circle. We help employers learn from and hire underestimated young people. We have a business plan that allows us connect talent with employers in a new way; we need your early support to launch. 

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