Can you help us get the #squadontour again please?

by The Danger Squad in London, England, United Kingdom

Can you help us get the #squadontour again please?
We did it
On 17th December 2018 we successfully raised £100 with 5 supporters in 28 days

Post-pilot 126 UK schools want us to come & teach their children but they have no spare budget .. Can you help?

by The Danger Squad in London, England, United Kingdom

There is nothing like The Danger Squad in Schools or even out there full stop in the UK – hence the popularity of the brand, especially in the current climate post Grenfell/London & Manchester Attacks, and for day to day things like Knife & Weapon awareness & response which has now sadly become a norm in many young children's daily lives. Our Vision is to become an Official Partner with DoE, incorporating our learning into PHSE lessons in the National Curriculum, and of course to be the next biggest Children's brand out there!

All material is supported by a squad of 6 unique, personable & interesting cartoon characters, and their Sniffer Dog, that were created in order to personalise the course – their names spell DANGER & they go The Danger Academy for school – a kind of MOD for 6-year old’s! Each character has a very different personality, and each represents a different kind of child! This both engages the children & allows them to identify & relate to each one in some form.  

Everywhere we go children (& grown-ups) can’t get enough of it! All we hear is ‘this should be in all schools’, ‘this should be a cartoon series’, ‘I want a Ruby bag’ etc. Currently self-funded from the outset by the Creator & Author, we need to secure funding so we can get out to Schools & Youth Organisations without them having to pay out of non-existent budgets! For every £10,000 we raise, we can teach another 1000 children!

The Owner and Training Team bring over 30-years’ experience & a cabinet full of awards to the brand. Solid reputation in Events, Security, Sports, Community & Voluntary engagement, Weapon Awareness, Counter Terrorism, Education, Youth Regeneration, Gang Outreach, Diversity & Inclusion. Specialist programme headed up by expert staff. 

The Creator & Author is also one of only a handful of women globally qualified to such a level in the Crowd Safety Industry & a single mum to two children of her own. 

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