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Brilliantly we've had an increase in homebirths in Camden and Barnet but we are struggling to provide enough pools for demand - we need more

by Camden+Barnet Home Birth Support in London, England, United Kingdom

The Camden & Barnet Home Birth Support group was set up in 2019 to support families considering homebirth. 

I think the best way to explain the rationale behind setting up the group is to use the words I wrote in January 2019, three months after the birth of my second child...

Today it's been three months since Luna joined us. During these early days I've had time to reflect on her home birth, and to be direct, it was AMAZING.

It felt primeval, mammalian, as natural a process as breathing or sleeping.

It still feels boastful to say these words, in light of other's experiences and the grisly portrayal we often see on our screens. But here's the thing... it shouldn't. My experience should be the norm rather than the exception.

I wholeheartedly believe that birthing Luna at home facilitated my wonderful experience of birth. There was no need to worry about traveling anywhere, no need to thrust myself into a social situation, having to communicate with strangers... It was just, me, Keith and Saskia (our brilliant NHS midwife) and then a short 30 minutes later, the lovely Luna...

I know home birth isn't for everyone. I didn't even consider having Fionn, my first, at home. I was scared and uncertain. I didn't have the knowledge I have now and that's the crux of it - education.

Three months on I feel a great impetus at my back to get more info out there about home birth so that expectant parents don't dismiss it out of hand - education and facilitation are the key - watch this space.

Let's make 'We Need Another Birth Pool' happen

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