We Love Street Trees, a celebration of urban trees

by Retro IT Ain't! in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

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Urban trees are vital to our wellbeing. We are organising an afternoon of fun activities for all ages to highlight their unique value.

by Retro IT Ain't! in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

We are two local residents who love trees and our urban green spaces and so in association with the Woodland Trust's Street Trees project we are organising an afternoon to celebrate our trees and so keep them safe for future generations. 

Our street trees are invaluable to us and our environment. They clean the air, support lots of wildlife, provide shade and generally make our urban areas look a whole lot better.

Joining us for the afternoon will be Julian Hight author of 'Britain's Tree Story' & 'World Tree Story' and lover of all things arboricultural.

-Tree and wildlife experts will be doing guided walks.

-Meet Arboriculturalists from our local parks dept.

-We have kids activity sheets, chalks and tree stencils.

-Pick up your 'Love Street Trees' wheelie bin & window sticker.

-Learn about our local urban trees and the wildlife they support& most of all let us know how much you....


In November 2017 we planted a Scot's Pine in Shelley Park Boscombe to mark the Woodland Trust's new Tree Charter, in recognition of the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest. A copy of this Tree Charter will be on display then it will go to Bournemouth Library.

Retro It Ain't! is a not for profit unincorporated organisation set up to raise awareness of our rich social history. It comprises of Haydn Wheeler, Sheila Wiggins and artist Stewart MacArthur. 


Let's make 'We Love Street Trees, a celebration of urban trees' happen