We love Manchester wristbands

We love Manchester wristbands

After the horrific incident that happened at Manchester arena, I want to make wristbands to sell and raise money for We Love Man charity

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I want to crowd fund so I can buy custom wristbands to sell on Facebook and eBay to raise money for the We Love Manchester emergency fund. The horrific incident that happened on 22 nd May was act of cruelty. So far 22 victims have lost their lives Before they have even begun. I am proud to be from  and live in Greater Manchester , Manchester is my home city , city where community is at is heart  and the events of 22 nd May have not stopped that nothing can. 

I wanted to sell wristbands to raise money for the victims who lost their lives and for those who are fighting, we have wristbands for cancer research  and help the heroes and I want to make my own wristband that the public can wear to show their support. 

I wanted to help raise money I thought a wristband would be the best way to do that as other charities already sell wristbands to raise money  I would need 500 pound to create about 1000 wristbands  the wristbands would be sold online for 2 pounds

The wristband design is shown below , it is in  the colour scheme of yellow and black to match the colours of the Manchester Worker Bee a symbol of Manchester. The wristband will have We Love Manchester on the front and th back Forever United. In the inside will be the date of 22/05 /17 the date the incident occurred.