We Kin rock technology
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We aim to provide support and tools to allow Kinship carers to protect the children they care for in an increasingly technology based world

by Scottish kinship care alliance in Dumbarton, Scotland, United Kingdom

We are the Scottish Kinship Care alliance we are 100% volunteers we are ALL kinship carers we don’t just talk the talk we daily walk the walk .In an ever changing technological world we are as concerned for the children we care fors safety in not only the real world but the virtual word created by fact growing technology.Their safety and best outcomes in life is paramount to us .We have campaigned for many years for better lives for kinship children and in 2015 some kids were given the same “status” for financial support as foster children in the child maintenance part.We are not foster carers we are family raising  family we are not employed or waged and we do this usually in the most traumatic of circumstances.We have a lot of concerned carers who aren’t technophobe but are not up to speed on social media etc and we have found that many only have very basic knowledge if any of computers and online safety measures .Keeping 1533468574_04A2431B-7F0C-48D2-B3F9-9A16F these often vulnerable children safe is absolutely priority to us and funding will enable us not only to support and assist families but to educate them and make a safter brighter future reality .1533468610_A1EB8C26-EDBA-4EC3-AF15-4166A

Let's make 'We Kin rock technology' happen