We have the technology, now to bring it to market!

by HEATHER KENNETT in Ashford, England, United Kingdom

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To bring innovation to the Estate Agency and property market. Invented, invested & created a new technology to bring to market #BeTheMarket

by HEATHER KENNETT in Ashford, England, United Kingdom

I'm Heather and I am a hard working entrepreneur.  I have over 10 years estate agency experience and have run my own agency since 2015.  I have 10 years recruitment experience and also have a recruitment business.  I love all innovation in technology.  I now have all of my eggs in the basket which is KentMove.com and am driven to make it a huge success.  My goal is for every agent in Kent to know who we are, what we offer and how they could use our platform to grow their business. 

Where it all started. (short story bear with me) or skip to the bold caps lock!

Three years ago when I started running my Estate Agency business I had just finished working in recruitment.  I had just got back to the office and had taken a new property to let onto the market, YAY!.  I was in the process of uploading it onto our system to share it everywhere - online property portals, our database by email, etc. At that point I thought, this is so limited, as an estate agent, we take a property to market but we have to WAIT.  We have to tell our vendors and landlords on occasion that we are waiting and we have to take them through CTR (click through rates) to be able to explain what we have done so far to market properties.  We would have to WAIT for somebody to contact us, usually via a 3rd party microsite or similar.  I thought about how recruitment and estate agency are such similar businesses and knew that in recruitment I would advertise a position BUT be able to be proactive and FIND somebody who had the skills.  Now their are a lot of people looking to buy, rent and invest but THEY have to contact each agent individually and hope they stay present in that agents mind.  I thought, lets level the playing field!! 


Why - Because the industry is changing and Estate Agents are the experts, they do know and understand the market but there is not a platform enable connectivity.  I have created a technology that expands their network!  Buyers and sellers will not need to be present in the mind of every agent, they can let the agents work for them, in a proactive manner every agent would prefer!

Why do we need the money and what will will use it for?

I have worked tirelessly with the fantastic backing of my husband to create the technology which many said was not possible without a million pound budget.  I have recruited and kept my estate agency running to pay for KentMove.com every £ has been invested into this new venture. 

I spent £540 for full marketing plan for KentMove.com to Kent, the minimum financial backing to get KentMove.com to market is £5,000. I have the plan I do not have the £. 

I am now at a point where I have created the technology I have what I have dreamed of and worked very hard for, I have clients joining KentMove of BUT I have no money left.  I am at full capacity and need help.   Its not easy to admit that.  The initial marketing budget has been utilised as a contingency fund to pull the project to fruition, without it KentMove would never have been completed.  

I need a marketing budget I need my vision to come true.  I would like every Estate Agent, property investor and buyer or renter in Kent to come to us, know who we are and what we do.  Without investment I will continue to single handedly run KentMove BUT without a budget our launch will be a drop in the ocean.  Our platform is "chicken and egg" we will not attract the property seekers without having the properties and will not have the properties without the buyers to search for them.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

If you are an Estate Agent or Estate Agency business owner in Kent. I will provide upto 3months free access in exchange for a pledge.

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