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Didi's Bakery needs your support to grow! In other words we need a larger kitchen space to increase our production. www.didisbakery.co.uk

We did it!

On 20th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £30 with 2 supporters in 28 days


EachDidi’s Bakery product is lovingly made by hand, using traditionally authentic methods and all-natural ingredients – minimizing waste through careful planning.

We’ve studied and collected some of the top European recipes, mostly from Scandinavia and France.

We specialize in breads made from sweet sourdough, sweetened with fresh fruits. On the savoury side, we simply adore German Crunchy Pretzels!



We’re Didi’s Bakery a baking manufactory in South London.

We use our hands, hearts, and passion to turn traditional techniques into modern day perfection.

We use fresh yeast and long fermentation throughout the process. We do not use any fast-acting yeast, only fresh airborne yeast. Time is also key when it comes to the taste of our products.

Our ingredients: Lager – made from surplus bread and bread crumbs for fruit fillings = minimising bread waste.

Careful planning means we can produce small volumes, while our sales partners are able to decrease a waste.

In other words: you can order how much you are able to sell!

We proudly work with local farms to guarantee seasonal and fresh ingredients.

Scandinavian Sweet Bread with rich Dark Chocolate

Scandinavian Sweet Bread with rich dark chocolate 

This sweet, sticky bread is lovingly made with traditional flavours - making the perfect teatime treats for the whole family.


Artisan Preztel 

Our traditional round-shaped pretzels are crunchy on the outside, and soft as a pillow on the inside. A deep beer flavor seals the deal. The perfect way to complement your next pint.


Cheese&Chilli Scone

Ready to feel the heat? Dig into a fusion of roasted red chilli peppers and the gentle saltiness of Feta cheese, creating the perfect balance of flavour.

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