We Are Not Saints - The Recovery Record Label

A record label to help musicians in recovery produce, release and perform music in a safe way that protects their recovery long term.

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This project will only be funded if at least £10,000 is pledged by 4:08pm 29th September 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £10,000 is pledged by 4:08pm 29th September 2018

The Past.

Somewhere in the 'way back when' we crossed the invisible line. A whole global tribe of musicians, songwriters, artists, poets, lyricists, and creative geniuses. Our creativity and our ability were boarded up and shuttered away. We prophesised of the day when we would be discovered, and our talent rewarded but truth be told we were lost. We had fallen through the cracks!

Whether it was through drugs, alcohol, mental health issues, or just poor life choices we lost our way, we dropped out of society, lost all that we loved, and paid a heavy price.

...and then.

Now in recovery we face a common dilemma: whether to begin again as musicians and artists? Should we start writing, recording, and playing out again?

But what then? Do we play dive bars with sticky floors and payment in beer? Do we tour with bands and acts who drink excessively and use drugs recreationaly? Or do we stay at home and just play to our friends? Do we resign ourselves to the fact that our dreams are gone, and we can no longer be a part of society and culture? 

We don’t think so!


We Are Not Saints is a traditional record label with new aims. Our mission couldn’t be simpler, and our ambitions couldn’t be greater:

  • Source and nurture talent from within the recovery community
  • Give that talent a platform to write, record, release and perform their music in a safe way that puts their recovery first.
  • Recruit staff to work within the label projects from the recovery community
  • Support all those involved in their recovery and assist in maintaining long term recovery from drugs and alcohol

We Are Not Saints aren’t trying to change the world, but we are about changing lives. Through empowerment, support and, lets face it, a love of music in all its forms, we will bring you musicians, artists, and producers who you may never otherwise have had the unique opportunity to hear!

How you can help.

There is of course a cost to all of this creativity and productivity and if we are successful in raising capital through your involvement we will be using those funds for recording, video production and marketing. Putting on live events across the UK and recruiting and training staff directly from the recovery community. 

This really is just the tip of the iceberg for us but with your help and support we hope to raise enough to put out releases by our first six artists and start on a road that has never been trodden before. We Are Not Saints - the first of our kind!

Dig deep, dig a little deeper, and lets make little dreams into big realities!

Thank you, from all of us!

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