We almost have a home!

We  almost have a home!

We almost have a home. Nothing fancy just a warm home where we can pet our beloved cat. We need a little help to make our dream purrrfect

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We worked a lot for our home, we made many sacrifices and we dreamed every day at this house. We have two jobs each, we live in rent and save every penny for our dream. We almost succeeded, but life sometimes makes bad jokes so one of us just remained without job and extra we must change the rent by next month.  We are optimistic, especially when things become more difficult…so we have ambition that instead looking for another rent to make an effort and to give a down payment for a loan for our home. For this we need your help and we will be so thankful if we receive it!  That would be the best gift for us not just for Christmas but for life!