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by Danielle Yon in London, England, United Kingdom


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I have envisioned the transformation of Unique People in living for a Unique Purpose. We All Fit encourage individuals to overcome.

by Danielle Yon in London, England, United Kingdom

We All Fit - Reaching In to Those unable to Reach Out

We All Fit Vision- Online Training Platform Project

One may feel indifferent when we speak about the immense and impressive advances in technology.  However we endeavour to create solutions, not problems.

Video Ref:  The Beauty of Technology from Huawei

Hence, We All Fit envisions a community that is not only built on a physical face to face interactive relationship.  In a time of technology and social strain, one may find interacting through technological media much more appealing than visiting a Counsellor, a Gym and even a Doctor.  

In an era of the mental health epidemic, isolation, abandonment and depression are proven difficult to detect by Ones loved ones.  We as humans are naturally gifted at pretending everything is ok, when they really are not within Oneself.  As health associations and support groups support those able and willing to speak out and seek help, We All Fit have found an effective way to reach in to those that are unwilling to burden the outside world with their internalised and perceived problems.  We All Fit are ready to embrace the uniquely independant that are also ready to take on lifestyle transformation without being in an environment that is uncomfortable, unwelcoming or unsafe.  We are ready to embrace the Single Mother/Father that cannot access such facilities,  the stay at home parent that has a moment to spare for self when the children are napping.  The hard working Business Women and Men that are at the office too long, too early, too much and still want to care and empower Self.  We are ready to embrace Unique People with Unique Lifestyles, that have Unique Dreams and Desires for Ones Self.

We All Fit background

We at We All Fit believe that the journey starts within. We strongly believe in accepting only what is wanted for self.

We All Fit encourage individuals to overcome Ones limits.
Whether You are at the peak of your Being or facing your journeys challenges, we encourage and support you in resisting defeat and conquering the mental barriers of imposed conditions.
We believe in Body Mind and Spirit as the unified being of humanity.
We understand that a healthy mind equates to a healthy body, and yet
a healthy body is important for a healthy mind.
Through the wellbeing of all three unifications, people embrace a fulfilled lifestyle guided by enlightenment, empowerment and passion.

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With our understanding and experience, We All Fit are ready to transform Health and Wellbeing through the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Nutritional aspects of the Unique Being of humanity.  

We All Fit Ltd are currently located in Leyton East London and service up to a 15 mile radius. Offering:

Personal and Group Training on the following wellbeing aspects: -

  • Fitness Assistance & Coaching
  • Mindset Wellbeing / Life Coaching
  • Spiritual / Universal Wellbeing 
  • Nutritional Wellbeing 
  • Online Wellbeing Conferencing & Coaching

We All Fit Funding Purpose

With great impact in our local community We All Fit are ready to offer this opportunity to a greater client base.  Only this time, We All Fit are serving their purpose via Technological means.

With the We All Fit Online Wellbeing Training Platform, anyone, anywhere, anytime will have access to services that will:

  • Embrace Ones Unique Being and Desire
  • Empower and Support Ones Being
  • Enlighten and Enable growth and personal discovery
  • Encourage Physical Fitness
  • Educate One on Nutritional value and application
  • Self Care and Healing
  • Mindset and Overcoming Mental Barriers
  • And so so much more

We have created a platform that will envelope We All Fits Services in the Technological World, just as effectively as our services are provided in the perceived physical world.

We All Fit Physical Fitness Platform - This Platform offers our valued Online Clients 

  • Set Day Challenges. From Bums and Tums to Boxercise challenges.
  • Beginners - Advanced Fitness Coaching Programmes - 10 Weeks
  • Monthly Newsletters to encourage and enlighten clients to the fitness opportunities and aspects available for discovery.

We All Fit embrace that everyone is unique and individual. This should never validate someone being unable of Physical Fitness Wellbeing, however on the contrary should create an opportunity for Fitness to be adapted and moulded to a unique persons desire and ability.

We All Fit Nutritional Wellbeing Platform - This Platform offers our Valued Clients:

  • Nutritional Plans based on Sports and Fitness Goals
  • Healthy, Safe and Effective Weight Loss Nutrition
  • Live Nutrition Podcasts and Webinars
  • Monthly Newsletters based on Nutritional advice and guidance

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We All Fit Mindset Platform: This Platform offers our Valued Clients:

  • Online Mindset Consultations, Sessions and Support - especially beneficial to anyone uncomfortable meeting face to face, however still embracing their Unique desire for enlightenment and unfolding of Self.
  • Mindset Training Programs - Beginners to Advanced up to 10 weeks
  • Podcasts and webinars based on Mental Health barriers and overcoming life challenges and trials.
  • Monthly Newsletters - empowering and support individuals to be individual.

A Divine Diversion - By Danielle Yon

To make all of this a possibility, and an amazing one at that, a few bits and pieces are needed:

  • Filming Space
  • Cameras and Microphones
  • Editing and Filming Pros
  • Licenses
  • Website Adaptation and Design
  • Time
  • Live Internet Platforms
  • and much more

So I am creating the possibility of raising £7000 with your support to enable me to kick start my Service on the We All Fit Site with Unique Wellbeing support programs for Unique People at a great quality.  (Not an Iphone Fitness video).  Fore we deserve the best whether it is in person or Online.

We All Fit Social Community.

I have also created We All Fit Social Tots for my local community. I created this based on my own personal experience with being depressed, a mother and alone.  Some days creating a person incapable of being a mum.  Denying myself of my true unique ability and potential to change the community.  There are many other men and women just like me that I long to support and encourage.

I have been that person longing to commune, exercise and even be embraced.   Therefore I can empathise with what my Brothers and Sisters that are facing  their challenges day to day alone.

Why Am I worthy of Creating this Opportunity?

The Girl Known as Danielle

I am known as Danielle.  My story begins on St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.  I have left a perception of myself in my homeland as an enthusiastic sportsperson, namely a swimmer.  My love and passion for Fitness would empower me to share my ideas, vision and goals so much so that I would train my family and friends for free.  I empower and encourage anyone willing to be who they are and trust in their unique physical ability to achieve their wellbeing goals. I love to travel and experience life as created.  Without fear and judgement I very quickly pack a bag and head off into the world to explore the beauty and uniqueness of what the world understands to be diverse cultures and faraway countries.   

I have had great job roles within my short journey.  Waiting Tables, packing shopping, cleaning windows, tracking and monitoring Green Turtles, Conservation Field Work and I even had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Vulnerable Adults support Staff in Liss Hampshire.

I served as a Firefighter on Ascension Island at the USAF Base and in 2014 left the island to join the British Army with a hope to become a Physical Training Instructor.  I became a part of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Regiment. I empowered my peers, and scheduled in training sessions to enable everyone passing their fitness testing.  I stood for anyone willing and wanting to grow.  I embraced my Army Career and performed at my peak. I knew I was destined for a great future within the Force.  I gave my all.

I gave my all, so much so, I sustained an injury during Fitness Training when based in Colchester in 2016.  In some ways I look back and wonder if it was all for the greater good.  Some days it felt as though it was  the end of the line for me as a purpose living being.  

I soon became depressed when my injury rehabilitation was prolonged and without any effective progress.  By Mid 2016, Suicide was my option.  As a charismatic, adventurous woman, I had lost every opportunity of achieving my goal. I had given my all and performed my best only to be rejected of any career growth, sporting progress or any opportunity to become a Personal Fitness Trainer. 

Or so I thought.

 I hoped for an answer and might have even sent out a prayer for salvation.  This was when my son became, and suicide was never again a possibility for me. My son was born a healthy being in June 2017.

Pic Ref: Meeting my son in June 2017.

  But my depression worsened and although Fitness was my only medicine,  I would not give up or give in to my injury standing in the way of who I am meant to be.  But when my time in the gym and the pool was done, my life was dark and meaningless.  I had created a dungeon for myself and lived within my belief of hope lost.  As time went on I relocated and my depression worsened, I look out into the world for healing and love, but carried my created darkness into everything that would come to me. I was told to ‘Man Up’,   ‘Think Positive’, ‘Find A Hobby.’   I was told many things.  

 In February 2019, this depression took me into hospital.  My mother who had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer found me on my home floor unconscious. I was taken to Frimley Park Hospital.  

When I became conscious unfortunately for me I could not walk, I could not talk.  I was a Potato. The Doctors believed the physical and obvious symptoms of a TIA Stroke.  But Miraculously and maybe in my favour my scans came back from testing remarkable.  A week after a holiday in Intensive Care I was sent home, with a quite funny speech impediment and the disability to walk.  I questioned what had got me here.  I was rejected access back to my role within the Army and was graded ‘Sick at Home’.  I was promised Physio to learn to walk and regain my strength, which never came.  And I was promised Speech and Language therapy, that never came either.   I was told many things would be refunded and reinstated, overcome and put in place.  But talk is cheap when it comes to common man.

Pic Ref: Feb 2019 Embracing my week holiday in Frimley Park Hospital.

But Danielle being Danielle, I persisted, I trained my body, just as I had assisted and encouraged everyone else that needed support with fitness.  And I read and sang to my son, believing wholly that nothing would stop me from getting my speech back and better to where it is created to be.  Just one year later I sit here and write my testimony to the world.  I have overcome.  And my dream of becoming a Fitness Coach has become a reality as the Army has told me I am no longer eligible for Military Service based on what a Psychologist is calling a 'Conversion Disorder'.   With so much perceived as promised now lost.  I have come to understand that everything really does happen for a reason. Many things have been endured, but never defeat.

Pic Ref: My son and I in 2019.  Smiles through Recovery.

I was soon embracing my being and unfolding my true self. Overcoming the perceptions that had been deeply routed into my being based on my illusive past.  This is when I knew I was destined to be a part of We All Fit.  I am destined to enable anyone willing to see that We all actually fit whether we believe it or not.  We all have a purpose for being who we are, where we are, when we are and how we are.  

Longwood Fitness Group Charity

I visited St Helena in 2017 after ten years away from the Island, during my visit, I created and founded a Charity by the name of Longwood Fitness Group Charity of which has been in action, transforming the social wellbeing and health of the Longwood Community for three years. My vision was to offer the community vision for the Youth and encouragement for the adults in seeing their unique potential and ability. 

Pic Ref: Training with Longwood Fitness Group 2017

Pic ref: Longwood Fitness Group Establishment & Presentation Day 2017

The Longwood Fitness Group Charity has seen a great community transformation.   Building relations, supporting individuals with physical fitness needs and creating a diverse, equal and empowering environment.

Thank You

There have been many ups and downs the past few years.  But nothing has been in vain.  Nothing has been lost, but all has been gained.

I am ready to embrace my dream regardless the path that has brought me here.  Fore I know that I can be what I will to be.  And that is just what I would like your help to do.

I appreciate your support in giving a perceived broken Being a chance in achieving a Unique Purpose.  Thank you for reading my story.  

And thank you for Joining my Journey

Join my facebook Journey and support my vision with your unique input and participation. 

Be amazing. Be unique.  And thanks for being a part of the Journey.

We All Fit

Image Ref: Camila Curcio


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6 Week Online Personal Fitness Coaching

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