WCS Uganda 2016

"Working directly with the village community to help with their determination to become self-sufficient and have a brighter future."

We did it!

On 30th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £372 with 12 supporters in 56 days


Project aim

"Working directly with the village community to help with their determination to become self-sufficient and have a brighter future."

Crowdfunder is helping us finance our trip out to Kabbubu, as part of a group working with the local charity 'The Quicken Trust'; please read on to find out about it all!

Why do we care about this?

We believe that the local charity we are working with (The Quicken Trust), has an incredible attitude towards helping those in the village. They have been working closely with the Community in Kabbubu since 1999, and have forged strong relationships with the villagers. This enables them to work together to determine what it is they actually need. The help is then specific to the problem- helping them to aspire and achieve their own aims.

More on the Quicken Trust Projects

The Quicken Trust built a primary school in 2002, that now teaches over 400 children. Their work has been hugely beneficial to the Village Community; in Uganda only 14% of students complete their education. In Kabbubu the figure is 89%! The money you dontate could sponsor a child to go through their education.

Your money could also go towards paying the staff in the Kabbubu Parish Health Centre. The Centre is vital to the community as it transforms the lives of the AIDS, Malaria and poverty victims in the village - the centre treats around 18,000 people a year. 

Here are some more projects that your donations could help fund and continue: 

  • Foster Home for twenty Orphaned children in the Village - Mostly from HIV or AIDS deaths. 
  • The training for farmers to improve skills, increase crop quantity and improve quality of life for themselves and their animals.
  • Provide building materials for badly needed waterproof homes, for poverty striken families.
  •  Building materials for toilets - improving the sanitation of villagers.
  • New fresh water supplies- new wells and containers.

[ More information can be found on the Quicken Trust Website: http://www.quickentrust.com ]


Where are the donations going?

The donantions all go to the Quicken trust to help fund the development activities we will be participating in during our stay in Uganda. Our specific project should be to build a house for a teacher. This will enable Trust High school to attract qualified Ugandan teacher to a village they would not normally go to. Ultimately tis will enable the students of the school to have a better educuation and increase their life choices. It is oftent he case that students leave these rural villages to obtain an education in the capital, only to return later in life to help the young and disadvantaged in their community. 



P.s Thank you for believing in our project, please spread the word to as many people you can - this will help those in Kabbubu even more!!


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