WAXJAX car wash & patio cleaning

by Jack Kent in Deepcut, England, United Kingdom

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Hi, I’m Jack!Since the unfortunate beginnings of Coronavirus spreading across the globe reaching the UK, I found my life had literally cha...

by Jack Kent in Deepcut, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Jack!

Since the unfortunate beginnings of Coronavirus spreading across the globe reaching the UK, I found my life had literally changed over night back on Monday 16th March. Government stated that should people be able to work from home, they should do. The following day I found myself working remotely from home only to hear that I had to fully shield due to being extremely vulnerable to this disease. I had a kidney transplant back in 2013 so I have to take anti suppressant medication each day (for life) to ensure my immune system remains low. This is to avoid my body rejecting my dad’s transplanted kidney. 

To cut a very long story short, I was placed on furlough a few weeks later and have remained so ever since to this day. The past 16 weeks haven’t been the best that's for sure but I am not the kind of person to just sit around and wait for something to happen... 

That's when WAXJAX was created earlier 20 June 2020. I can offer a great service to local residents, maintain social distancing whilst cleaning customers cars on site or by remotely cleaning outdoor spaces such as paving, patios, decking or garden furniture. By keeping myself fit, active and busy by doing the dirty jobs people don’t want to do it also means I can continue to work during the Furlough period which is a much needed relief...!

The WAXJAX car wash service offered is a stop, drop and collection service in Surrey. Once you drop off your car, you’re then free to pop back home for a few hours and then collect your car once it’s ready! This service will help a lot of local residents that are either vulnerable, working from home or just want the ease of getting their car washed almost on their doorstep!

The WAXJAX PAVING service is a high powered jet wash that will clean all of your pathways, paving, patio, decking and even garden furniture!

I am a one man band working locally and so far on my first week of launching, I have been cleaning cars everyday! I have received recommendations and reviews already on social media so the service is working well already. Check out the WAXJAX Facebook page to read the reviews: www.facebook.com/WaxjaxDeepcut 

What was meant to be a temporary service for a few months is already turning into something much, much more. 

Rather than go back to my full time job, I have always wanted to run my own business. I am now looking for support to upscale the business so I can work remotely by washing vehicles rather than remaining just in the local area. Not only will it be good for my health and fitness, it also means I can continue to work in an outside space in the future so I can continue to shield. 

I have worked in a sales environment for nearly 25 years and since turning 40 last year, it feels like its time for a change and a brand new exciting venture. 

Thanks for taking the time to read the WAXJAX story and I hope you also think this is a great idea and solution for the ever changing world we live in!



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