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We want to make a short film that will bring attention to climate change, at the biggest film festivals next year.

by Dean Woodford in Loughton, England, United Kingdom

Having a son that will one day inherit this earth, I began to look around at what my generation and others before will leave him, it didn't take long to see how little it would be. 

There are huge changes going on, the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs, islands being lost to sea level rise and overpopulation beyond our planet's means.

'Waves' is set in a dystopian future. The sea is taking the land and has forced humanity into smaller pockets, leading to wars, disease and famine. Our governments have collapsed and the elite live in thier protected mansions and bunkers. We follow a couple that have a small child, through flashbacks we see how this child came about and just how much it cost them, as they meet other refugees.. all with their own personal battles, all with their own ways of survival.

With an insanely talented cast including Staz Nair (Game of Thrones, Humans) and Theo Stevenson (Horrid Henry, Humans) this short story will be beautifully acted and the message being put across will be suttle and not forced.

Director and writer of 'Waves' is Dean M. Woodford, whom produced alongside Martin Scorsese on the upcoming  feature drama 'Tomorrow' that has just recently won best narrative amoungst others at the likes of Napa and Savana film festival. Dean has also co written and Directed a 26 min one shot film; STAR, that is hitting festivals next year and was cast by Debbie and Jemima McWilliams (Bond franchise)

All clothing will be cruelty and animal free. There's certainly no Canada goose and uggs keeping people warm on this set, as animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change and deforestation. Costume design is by the wonderful, Elle Piper. 

We've had an amazing response so far, cast and crew all agreeing to work for free. But we just need to pay for location (epping forest), camera, lighting rental and insurance. We hope that others want to join us, as we are not only making a stunning film with a strong story, but a film that has meaning and purpose as well.


Cordelia - Stephanie Tripp

Nahla - Klara Avernier

Eva - Ella Stuchfield

Leon - Staz Nair

Martha - Lauren Harris

Dylan - Theo Stevenson

Ben - Nicholas McFadzean

Joseph - Leon Sussex

Thanks from all the team and hope to see you soon  :)


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