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Bringing Wavelength Surf Magazine back to its roots and into the modern day.

We did it!

On 5th Jun 2014 we successfully raised £19,438 of £15,000 target with 187 supporters in 43 days

Project Aim

We are looking to raise £30,000. The target is  set at £15,000 because this is an all or nothing Crowdfunder campaign and we do not get a penny unless we hit the target. This will allow the magazine to be run and enhanced by surfers for surfers!


Having reached our initial target in record time. Thanks to your support Wavelength is now in its strongest position in years! Back in the hands of real surfers and fully supported by the British surfing community.  We are thrilled to be in a position where we are now overfunding. We would love to reach our target of £30,000 enabling us to do complete the following tasks.

  • Further support our homegrown talent.
  • Add more budget to featured trips.
  • Further develop our Newquay HQ into a centre for media learning.
  • Create more jobs at WLmedia.

Reminder of Why We Are Crowd Funding

We need your help to partially fund the following changes within the magazine.

Independent Surf Publication

We're bringing Wavelength back into the hands of surfers for the first time in ten years and becoming an independent publisher again.

Taking the print magazine into the future

We are upgrading the quality and the type of content in the magazine to make it a higher quality print publication for the future, not one based on an out dated business model.

Making it fully multi media

You want unique and exclusive surf features and you want it in a format that is convenient to you. So we're bringing you a new website and a tablet edition that isn't just a digitised flip book, but a fully interactive experience for your tablet.

Positive Social Impact

Establishing Wavelength links with schools, colleges and universities, giving young people the chance to gain employment using their talents to create something they are genuinely passionate about.



It's the summer of '81, Shakin' Stevens is number one with Green Door, Mark Richards is on his way to his third world title and the first encarnation of The Boardmasters is about to take place in Newquay. It's also an important year for the surf media, as two photographers, John Conway and Jeff Tydeman, are cutting and pasting together a magazine which would set a ball rolling for a surf media industry in Europe. Wavelength was born at that first Boardmasters, the Pink Floyd inspired Wall cover and its contents were circulated amongst the assembled pros and surf fans and Europe's longest running surf mag was unleashed.

Since that date Wavelength has gone from strength to strength, the lovable rogue that was John Conway sure had his ups and downs but he non the less ploughed a furrow for surf mags, the surf industry in the UK, photographers and pro surfing. The mag became Europe's most read surf magazine over the following years, before John sadly passed away with Cancer.

The magazine was then sold to Cornwall and Devon Media and a new era was ushered in. The magazine was rapidly modernised under new editor Tim Nunn and sidekick, controversial scribe and photographer Ben Selway. It reached new heights on all fronts eventually leading to its sale to Wild Bunch Media.

Greg Martin took over as editor and ushered in a new style and approach, which evolved to suit the ever changing and challenging surf market. The magazine went from strength to strength, despite being in a challenging place with print media in decline. Incredibly Greg bucked all trends with Wild Bunch Media behind him and got the magazine actually growing when it comes sales which it continues to do.


Aims and the Future

Fast forward to now and Wavelength is entering it's most exciting era ever.

Wavelength is, for the first time in 10 years back in the hands of surfers. Which means nothing will ever get done as we'll all be in the sea... only joking. It really means the mighty 'Length is about to enter a very exciting new era. Gone are the shackles of old business models of the publishing industry and it's time for a revolution.

The magazine isn't going anywhere, in fact it's getting even better, higher quality, with a tight team of top image makers and writers to put together a bi-monthly journal which is firmly focussed on long form journalism, incredible exclusive imagery and the love of being a surfer from The British Isles. We're looking to set the bar at a whole new level when it comes to making a surf mag, both in content and production values. To make a magazine that you'll want on your shelf or coffee table not just for the month, but for the rest of your life.

We're also expanding the online side, a whole community experience with a dedicated web team coupled with a film production team to make original and compelling documentaries. Put simply Wavelength is being turned round and thrust into the future as the most diverse and progressive surf mag in Europe, led by a team of talented and totally obsessed proffessionals hell bent on creating the best content and experience possible, all dedicated to the reader.

We also want to give you guys, the most important part of a magazine, the reader a stake in the future. Not just in helping us here, but an open line of communication the the magazine makers, so you can tell us everyday what you do and don't like. We want to produce a mag that you have to pick up in a newsagent, can't wait for it to land on your door mat and to do that we need to make it all together.

So we're calling on you, the cornerstone of this magazine, to help project Wavelength into the future and be part of creating something very special. Every pledge counts and we think the rewards are pretty epic in themselves. But on top of these you will become backers and have a say in Europe's longest running surf title.




We need your support to take Wavelength into the future. We are going to create the ultimate surf mag, and you will all have a say in it.

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