Wave Rehearsals and Vertice Guitars

Wave Rehearsals and Vertice Guitars

To help fund a fully-equipped 'one-stop 'rehearsal space and guitar making enterprise which aims to be the very best.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am looking for funding to help create the best rehearsal space for local musicians and the community. We aim to be a 'one stop' facility for bands and inviduals to practice and develop their passion for music. As well as a fully equipped rehearsal space, we will offer guitar and equipment repairs and sales and professional tuition.

We will be looking to expand our project to offer discounted rehearsal time for local community projects and free time for local schools to give budding musicians the opportunity to experience a professional rehearsal environment.

We have many years of experience as musicians, and although we are not 'luthiers' , we construct basic guitar/bass models and fit them with quality upgraded hardware and fully test for quality of tone and playability. Our guitar range will fit in the marketplace to suit a 'middle' price range and therefore quality and affordability are our focus.

The funding we are looking for will help to purchase equipment, insurances and PAT testing for the rehearsal space. We are currently hoping to secure a lease for a currently unused or re-purposed site. In addition the funding will be needed to purchase machinery and parts.