Watermelon Nails and Beauty

Watermelon Nails and Beauty

Hi my names Emily and I live in Dorset, I have ME & I am trying to set up a new business to keep working whilst being a single mum with ME.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi my names Emily and I live in Dorchester with my three children aged 8,11 and 14. 

I was diagnosed with ME in 2014 and have had to rethink my career in order to keep my mortgage and care for my family. 

As a teenage mum, and now a lone parent there are lots of challenges, one being getting a business stated on low income. 

My ME is manageable, however I am finding it increasingly hard to work30 hours a week and bring up my 3 children. So I booked a nail technician course, completed it and have started setting up my spare room as a treatment room. 

It's nearly there. I just need a little more to get going, I need the stock to start advertising , once I can advertise, I can buy more stock. 

Ive been turned down for loans, credit cards due to not earning enough, so this is my last hope!