Water wells for Cambodia

by Kayleigh Herbert in Cambodia

Water wells for Cambodia
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I would like to go back to Cambodia this year to help build more water wells for people who don’t have running water

by Kayleigh Herbert in Cambodia

I recently returned from Yoga training in Cambodia, where the company I trained with help build wells for locals in Cambodia who have no running fresh water.

We visited a Primary School very far from the city where one well we had contributed to was to be built. On attending the school and playing games with the children the whole event touched my heart deeply, all I was able to think about after that is how many other people are in need of running water, and how much I wanted to help. Very quickly I realised I wanted to do something and make it happen. In Yoga you learn about good Karma; the discipline of selfless action. It was also this that encouraged me to think more about what I can do for people.

I also love the ethos of the company as they pay and feed the local men to do all of the work to build the well of which is done by hand. So not only does it provide water for people it gives the locals work and money to continue supporting their families.

I know a lot of people don’t like giving to charity as they sometimes are unsure where the money goes, for this reason I am going to go back to Cambodia myself and be part of the selection of where the wells will be built and go visit these places, and help with the process of building the wells. 

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who would wish to contribute, even if it is £1 it will all add up and help towards the cause.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this project.

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