'Water Water Everywhere' - let's make it drinkable

'Water Water Everywhere' - let's make it drinkable
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Started on 29th April 2020 St. Albans, England, United Kingdom

'Water Water Everywhere' but none of it drinkable. 

People living in Kithogondo, a slum village in Mwea, Kenya, have no fresh drinking water. 

Last November Pete (my husband) and I, with two other volunteers, Rachel and Chris and Laurance, a Trustee of Throw A Starfish visited Kithogondo. Throw A StarFish is a Christian charity that works to end extreme poverty.

The population of the village is approximately 3,000, living in about 600 houses. A typical house has wattle and mud walls and a corrugated metal roof. It will usually be a single room, but it will often be home to six people.

We saw first-hand how people lived. Overcrowding and no sanitary facilities nor no clean water. The villagers collect and drink water directly from the river, which is also used to wash clothes etc. 

The river water is not safe to drink and they can't afford to buy bottled water or fuel to boil it. Stomach illness is frequent, at least one person in each household becomes sick every month. Villagers also have to take medication to eliminate the parasites picked up from drinking river water.

Laurence met with the Elders of the village to discuss the water situation and they felt a hand pump would really help. 

A Well-pump will give them drinking water and keep them safe from parasites and illness. Throw A Starfish, commissioned an engineer to survey the site and report on where to locate the hand pump. The cost would be approximately £1200 depending on which pump is used. So can you help?


How Covid-19 will impact on the village?

COVID-19 is a major threat to the villagers. Having a water pump will help with the necessity to hand-wash more frequently to help stem the transmission of the virus. 

Throw A Starfish

Vision: To inspire and enable a wave of “starfish throwers”, to make an impact on physical and spiritual poverty - one person at a time.

736 million people, 10% of the world’s population, live on less than £1.50 a day (World Bank, 2015). More than half of these people live in Sub-Saharan Africa, most living in rural areas, are poorly educated, employed in the agricultural sector, and under 18 years of age. Although there has been an improvement over the last 25 years, many have not been able to move out of poverty and if they do progress is often temporary. Economy, food insecurity and climate change threaten to rob them of their hard-won gains and force them back into poverty

The work to end extreme poverty is far from over. Access to good schools, health care, electricity, safe water, and other critical services remains elusive for many people. The charity recognises that one person cannot change the world but they can change the world for one person, so they are seeking to inspire and enable a wave of “starfish throwers”, to make an impact on physical and spiritual poverty – one person at a time!

Please donate and help give the villagers clean water.

Thanks so much. Irma


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Well done Irmie for your active care & compassion for others shown through initiating this valuable project alongside a life of teaching & informing others in the quest for greater equality

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Great you are doing this

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Thank you for the work you do to ensure others in need have what we take for granted

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