Buy, Repair/Spruce up and Sell watches

by Matt Jones in Church Eaton, England, United Kingdom

Buy, Repair/Spruce up and Sell watches
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I have always been obsessed with watches since I was 6, when my Dad promised me his Tudor Rolex for my 18th Birthday.

by Matt Jones in Church Eaton, England, United Kingdom

The team will start out as just me, I am only 18 years old and I'm sure all of you know that saving money at 18 is hard, especially on an apprenticeship because you get paid less than a 15 year old but have to pay adult prices for things. 

Since I started this apprenticeship I realised I don't want to be in this line of work when I'm older as I'm starting to get bored and I've only been in my job a year because I am already getting bored as it just doesn't interest me. 

I have always said to my friends (they disagree completely) that I would much rather buy a £9000 watch and a £1000 car rather than a £1000 watch and a £9000 car. 

So enough about me now it is time to talk about my project. I want to start a business where we buy, repair/spruce up and sell watches, mainly Rolex's as they hold their value the best over other watches such as Omega. 

The reason I need help from Crown funder is because as you know watches don't come cheap and I have very little start up capital and I would not watch to sell my current Tudor Rolex because they are constantly going up in value as they are no longer made and it holds sentimental value in my family.

This is a big step for me as I have never thought about crowdfunding  before but as I say I have been trying to save and with all my expenses I bare save £50 a month and that's before I have to pay for certain other things like car tax etc.

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