Waste to Energy

by ENEGY LIMITED in Eston, England, United Kingdom

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Converting waste into energy, which can be sold back to the market. We have ZERO waste and ZERO emission plant technologies.

by ENEGY LIMITED in Eston, England, United Kingdom

We are the manufacturer and the operators of Waste to Energy plant technologies. There are only a handful of manufacturers around the world. 2.1 Billion tons of waste produced every year. 90% of the waste ends up in landfill sites, in an open dumping grounds, and in the ocean. Waste to Energy is the fastest growing industry. 

Our plant technology produces 

  • high-quality transportation fuel
  • aviation fuel
  • fuel for energy generation companies
  • syngas, fertilizers and recover aggregates & metals


  • all types of mixed wastes
  • agricultural feedstock
  • and biomass

Very lucrative investment opportunity in Waste to Energy sector. Carbon neutral technologies help to save the environment and lives

Secured Renewable energy bonds offered. Secure and safer investment. Short term bonds from 3 to 5 years. Asset-backed guarantee. Paid quarterly, bi-annually, annually or at the end of the terms. Option for early withdrawal in 12 months. 

Tax-free innovative finance & income. Sector regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

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