Washing Machine Aid

by SDSA Foundation in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Washing Machine Aid


raised in 90 days



Raising much needed funds to purchase washing machines for some of the most vulnerable families being rehoused in our local communities.

by SDSA Foundation in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we exceed our initial target of £500, we will continue to buy as many washing machines as we can

Covid-19 has sent us all home. Thankfully we are not trapped at home; we are safe at home. Others are not so lucky.


Washing Machine Aid is raising much needed funds to support the rehousing of some of the most vulnerable families in our community at a time when support services have minimal staffing and the shops are shut.  Many are in desperate need of white goods such as washing machines.


We have been able to help: firstly, we put families in touch with foodbanks and charities that collect and distribute second-hand furniture and white goods. But washing machines are the one item that are rarely donated- and the waiting list for them is long!


So, let’s buy a couple!


Facebook Live Gig Fundraiser 

16th May 



A number of Leicester’s finest musicians have agreed to support this very worthy cause and will gift their time and talents to perform a virtual gig. Watch the music with your family and friends online. Rather than buy a pint or your normal drink of choice, donate an equivalent amount to this worthy cause!


Saturday’s target of £500 would be enough to buy 2 washing machines. 

Please help where you can!

Let's make 'Washing Machine Aid' happen

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