Warm Hearts Care UK

by HAIZA JUMA in Beighton, England, United Kingdom

Warm Hearts Care UK


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Emotional, financial and mental health support for those who lost a loved one due to covid. Help to rebuild new lives

by HAIZA JUMA in Beighton, England, United Kingdom


 I set up this project  to offer emotional financial and mental health support to the people of Yorkshire after witnessing how Covid-19 has impacted people's lives in a devastating way with some members of the community losing bread winners. Left without the main source of income, some families have consequently lost homes as they could no longer afford to pay for rent nor mortgages . Some have lost employment and even putting food on the table has become a struggle. It is no surprise that faced with all this hardship, some people have now developed mental health problems. Being an empath, I have always been that person who wants to help others if I can,  therefore I am now raising funds to help alleviate the problems brought about by Covid-19. My objective is to involve support workers and social workers who can offer the necessary support required by these individuals and to help those facing financial hardship with small grants every month according to the individual's financial circumstances.. As for those affected by mental health issues, they will be referred to other third party organisations like Mind and those who have lost accommodation to be referred to organisations that offer support to the homeless. Warm  Hearts Care UK would benefit from financial support to see its wishes come to fruition.

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