Help the most valnerable.

by Abed Malikzad in Isleworth, England, United Kingdom

Help the most valnerable.
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Please join me and make a difference? Every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much

by Abed Malikzad in Isleworth, England, United Kingdom

There are people who needs clean water. There are people in abudnance who doesn't have any sense of when their next meal will come from. Or a sense on insecurity for someone who is widowed with children in a country where prospects are limited. These are realites and the essence of humanity we enjoy in the westeelrn world but in countries like Afghanistan where a four decade war has destroyed prosperty and human life these essence are realities of just dream. I want you to support a country, a community who needs it mkre than any where else. Help those in need and gain the satosfaction of inner peace. 

There isn't a feeling like helping individuals who will ask for welbeings for you and your family from their Lord in their Supplications and in their prayers.

There are danger and hostility everyday, extreme circumatances created which leads to permanent disabilities. I want you to help those children and feable people who may need a wheel chair, or a protate leg or something else to make them independent and give them back their confidence.

Your donations will educate, give long term prospects ie making wells to supply water for masses. Your donation will feed young children and their mothers. Your donations with give the most valnerable in the society confident and independence.

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