Never had a chance to help a friend?

Never had a chance to help a friend?

It happens to everyone everywhere. People get unlucky. Now it happened to me. I got robbed.

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £550 of £500 target with 14 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

I have set this strach goal for people who would like to book me in the future for private photoshots and videography work.  Or show further support.

This is what happened last Saturday.

I finished work on Friday night and went to visit my close friends in Bradford for a weekend. I was very much looking forward to my small getaway from London. Sadly, it never came to be.

Just after I said goodnight to my friends, I was waken up by the phone call from my room mate Carlos. It felt wrong. I knew something terible has happened. And I was right. I got told that our flat in Bermondsey got robbed. Police thinks they got through the kitchen window which they broke and lauched themselves searching for valuables. They didn't need to go far as my room had everything they could have hopped for. My editing iMac, iPad, speakers, wallet but most upsetting my Video Camera I used to film small projects. It was my precious tool to get a job as a videographer. But now I need to withdraw from all the applications I made in the last few months. 

Nevertheless, it wasn't just the items they stole that made it so upsetting. It is the idea of knowing someone went through all of your belongings. You feel your personal space has been violated. Your room, your bed do not feel like yours anymore. It feels somehow different. It simply doesn't feel like home anymore.

I know that £500 will not be enough to cover the damage of nearly £4,000. However, it could be an amazing start for a fresh recovery.

Lastly I just want to wish everyone to be safe. Lock the doors and windows when you leave home, always make sure no one is following you. Keep safe! To all my Facebook friends! Alex


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